Dried Cloves

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Name: organic dried cloves
Colour: natural brown
Grace: 1 and 2
Moisture: Max 13 %
Additive: 1% MAX
Shelf life: 2 year




    1. What is cloves?

    Clove are one of our best selling new products over the years. Cloves are the unopened flower buds of the clove tree. The clove tree produces flower buds in clusters that are pale in color at first, become green, and then bright red, when they are ready for harvesting. Dried cloves are brown, hard, and nail-like in shape.

    Cloves are taken from fresh buds of clove flowers, then dried. On average, about 8000 to 10,000 fresh cloves will produce 1kg of dried cloves.

    • Cloves are 12-15m high. Leaves opposite, pointed oval, tough leaf blade. Flowers grow in small cymbal and branched at the tips of branches. Flowers consist of long, thick leaves that are bright red when ripe.
    • 4 petals are white and pink, when they bloom, they fall off early, with a lot of stamens. The fruits are long berries, surrounded by sepals, usually containing only one seed.


    2. Medicinal uses of cloves

    Cloves have a combination of sweet and spicy, characteristic aroma and a special heat, besides being rich in minerals and vitamins. Therefore, not only used in the traditional healing methods of Eastern medicine, clove is also considered an important ingredient in the process of making medicines based on modern medical knowledge.

    Cloves contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals important for health. The vitamins include vitamins B, C, D, E, and K, along with minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. In particular, the composition of cloves also contains eugenol, a compound with important effects. Eugenol has the ability to prepare anesthetic and numbing drugs, helping to relieve pain and nerve numbness. In addition, eugenol also has the ability to reduce inflammation and reduce osteoarthritis pain, creating important health benefits.


    Besides the mentioned effects, clove oil is also known for its ability to aid in the treatment of many different conditions. It can help relieve symptoms of diarrhea, reduce the risk of hernias, and reduce bad breath. In addition, clove oil has the ability to reduce symptoms of bloating, indigestion, hiccups, belching, and nausea. With significant eugenol content, cloves are also used to relieve toothaches, mouth sores, and sore throats, often by applying directly to the gums. For men, cloves are also used to relieve symptoms of premature ejaculation.

    In addition, according to Ayurvedic Ayurvedic medicine, combining cloves with other ingredients such as basil, mint and nutmeg, after crushing and mixing in hot water, can bring remarkable effects. involved in reducing stress.

    3. Some dishes from cloves

    As a spice, in whole or powder form, cloves are used in cuisines all around the world. They are also used as a food preservative. One has to think only of a ham garnished with whole cloves to realize how ubiquitous and versatile the use of the spice has become. The clove scent is common to perfumes, and using cloves in oranges as a decorative pomander is a popular European tradition during the Christmas holiday season.

    Some savory dishes made from cloves that you can refer to such as Western-style roasted chicken, chicken with almond sauce, spicy beef stew, BBQ meats,…


    BỘT ĐINH HƯƠNG mùi và vị tự nhiên đặc trưng - Gia Vị UniSpice

    Besides savory dishes, cloves are also one of the ingredients to make marshmallows, cakes and are used to steep tea or create detox drinks to help purify the body.

    It can be said that clove is a precious herb in life, helping people to stimulate the taste buds and have good effects in maintaining and restoring health.

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