Applicable Scene: Beach, Travel, Sports, Cycling, Go shopping, Business, Fishing,Traveling
Gender: Unisex
Material: straw, palm leaf, water hyacinth
Size: 58cm
Color: Natural



    The straw hat is a traditional handicraft made from straw fibers or dried grass. This is a popular hat in many rural and rural areas around the world, created to protect the head from heat, rain and wind. Below is a detailed description of the straw hat


                                   straw hat

    Straw hat are often made from natural straw fibers or from dry grasses such as bamboo, sticky rice, sedge and other grasses. These fibers are usually plucked from trees or grass, then processed and made into caps.

    The straw hat can have many different designs depending on the local region and purpose of use. However, they often have a rounded or conical top, and this top is often made from closely spaced straw fibers. The hem or cap of the hat is often tightened to keep the hat from tearing or becoming loose.

    Usually straw hat have the natural color of straw or dry grass, usually light brown or light yellow. However, in some cases, hat makers can use natural dyes to create hats with more diverse colors. Hats can also be decorated with small motifs, bows, or interwoven details.straw hat

    To keep the hat securely on the head, a strap is usually attached to the hat on both sides. This strap is usually made of the same material as the hat, usually straw, and can be adjusted to fit the wearer’s head size.

    The straw hat is not only a rustic fashion product but also has the main purpose of protecting the head from harsh weather, especially heat and rain. They are also commonly used in agricultural activities, outdoor work, and traditional cultural events.

    Straw hats are usually very light and comfortable to wear, helping to ventilate the head on hot days. However, they cannot withstand long-term rain or humidity.

    As with many fibrous plants, wheat straw is a strong and durable alternative for making paper and plastic products. … When wheat straw is used to make plastic, it becomes compostable and can decompose in a home or commercial site.




    The wheat drinking straws manufactured entirely from natural wheat stems, so it’s completely biodegradable.

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