10 $

Colour: red
Purity: 99%
Moisture: 10 %
Purity: 99%
Shelf life: 1 year
Certification: ISO
Packing: 50 kgs Jute bags or as buyer’s request




    Our Annatto seeds will be both efficient in increasing the color and flavor of your foods. The seeds are handpicked and grounded to
    become a powder to be used in your foods. We offer the powder it saves all the work to ground the whole seeds which is extremely difficult. We know you will enjoy using our Annatto seed in all your colorful cuisines.

    annatto seeds

    Uses of Annatto seeds

    Use as skin care oil

    Did you know that red cashew nut oil has 100 times more Beta-carotene than carrots. This is a substance with a strong antioxidant
    effect, cleaning up free radicals on the skin (excess cells harmful to the skin), making the skin ruddy and bright.

    Used as medicinal herbs

    Researchers believe that when applying red cashew oil directly to the skin, it will soothe burns or insect stings. The seeds can
    also be used for deworming.

    Used as food dye

    Red cashew oil is used as a very safe food coloring agent, especially for dairy foods such as cheese, butter, dry foods such as
    chips, breakfast cereals, smoked fish and especially is used in baking for safe coloring.

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