Product name: Dehydrated Sea Grapes
Moisture (%): 16% Max.
Storage: 5-10 Degree
MOQ: 1000KGS
Certification: Gap, HACCP, ISO
Characteristics: bunches of long grape seaweed, big fruit, shiny, green
Type: salted (10%, 22%)
Packaging: 120gram/bag (10g salted water+10gram bag+100gram sea grape) *10kgs/carton box net weight



    Sea Grapes

                                Sea Grape

    Sea grapes cultivation model has brought economic sizeale benefits to the central province of Ninh Thuận. Thanks to sea grapes’ easy cultivation and maintenance on otherwise abandoned shrimp ponds, low initial investment and especially high value exports, many households have overcome poverty.

    Dehydrated Sea Grapes
    • Preliminary processing of seaweed grapes after harvest
    • Wash and remove impurity the grape seaweed
    • Seaweed is aerated for 24 hours and must be exposed to light to heal the cut.
    • Apply centrifugal water separator technology
    • Soak the grape seaweed with salt water about 2 hours
    • Packaging and storage


    + Step 1: Put Salted Grape Seaweed in fresh water soaked for 3-5 minutes
    Grape seaweed will slowly release less salty taste of salt, the Sea Grapes will swell up and come back to its original form.
    + Step 2: Then put in a bowl of crushed ice to soak the seaweed crispy and cold for about 2 minutes to remove the fishy smell of the sea. You should get enough seaweed to eat for 1 time because seaweed will shrink after 30 minutes.
    Step 3: Drain the water and use directly as a form of green vegetables with common sauces.

    • After the Sea Grapes are drained from water, they will begin to shrivel again, so please consume quickly.

    • If the Sea Grapes are soaked in liquid sauces, they will begin to shrivel.








    120gram/bag (10g salted water+10gram bag+100gram sea grape)
    10kgs/carton box net weight

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