The Truth About Handmade Soap

What is Handmade Soap Really?

We all want to be healthy when we choose to buy and use foods that are clean, fresh, and free of harmful additives. But why are we not interested in choosing to buy a soap that is natural, safe and does not contain harmful additives for daily use for skin and hair???

Handmade soap is different from ordinary industrial soap. Handmade soaps are cooked in batches in small and limited quantities, but in return, handmade soaps with natural ingredients bring a lot of benefits to the skin, hair, and general health that most people have. Everyone is not fully aware of it. Here are the 4 biggest benefits of handmade soap for your health and skin.

Should I use handmade soap?

  • Handmade soap contains natural glycerin.

Natural glycerin is a super humectant that keeps the skin moisturized without drying it out 24 hours a day and it is only created during the saponification process, industrial soaps are still in the manufacturing process. glycerin can be made, but to maximize profits industrial manufacturers often extract the glycerin and put it in “moisturizing” products to sell separately.

On the contrary, Handmade soap still retains 100% of the glycerin contained in soap, so handmade soap not only cleans the skin but also provides an abundant amount of moisturizing glycerin for the skin, helping the skin to naturally moisturize in time. without the need to use any additional moisturizing products.

Handmade soap with 100% natural ingredients.

Handmade soaps are made from vegetable oils, coconut oil, olive oil, these oils are not only superfoods but also super cosmetics.

When using the vegetable oils in this “table oil” to make soap, soap artisans foresee the benefits for the skin that it brings: supplementing the skin with vitamins A, E, and minerals. and nutrients that are abundant in coconut oil and olive oil.

handmade soap
  • Handmade soap contains many herbs and essential oils that are beneficial for health and spirit

Handmade soaps not only contain oils with high skin-conditioning properties, but also contain a variety of herbs and essential oils that are good for health and bring many spiritual benefits. herbs like cinnamon, mint, turmeric, honey, tea leaves. . .

These herbs not only help to nourish the skin but also help support the treatment of skin problems such as: tan, uneven skin tone, cure and prevent acne, fungus, eczema and other skin problems. without any chemicals. In addition, Handmade soaps extracted from essential oils also help to relax the mind and body.

  • How does handmade soap kill viruses and bacteria that cause disease?

The structure of pathogenic viruses is composed of lipid, protein, and RNA molecules. In particular, the weakest link is the fat molecules, this is the protective cover of the virus, which both supports the virus’s penetration into body cells.

When soap is used, the soap contains fat-like molecules called “amphiphiles”. Amphiphiles are structurally similar to viral lipids, and will “compete” with viral lipids.

So using handmade soap is not a new trend or trend, it’s simply a return to nature once more after a long time of using industrial products.

When we return to nature, we see that our skin, which carries many injuries, is gradually restored, the skin becomes more supple, the collagen under the skin is regenerated with a denser frequency, the cells are weak.

The old cells will be replaced by other healthy and more durable cells, not only the body but also the soul and the environment around us will also benefit from that small change.

In addition to handmade soap, we also produce environmentally friendly products, safe for users such as: food boxes made from bagasse, grass straws, …

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