– Moisture : 13% max
– Impurities: 1% max
– Type: whole, grind, powder,…
– Size : 1mm, 2mm, 3mm,…. or as customer request.
– Color: Natural brown.
– Quality: As export stardard,
– No impurities
– No SO2, no CO2,….
– No preservative substance,…
– Shelf life : 12 months
– Use: food, fertilizer, feed animal,…
– Packing : 25 kgs/ PE bag /PP bag or as customer request.



    Sargassum seawwed is a known as brown macroalgae which are found in the tropical oceans of the world. They are also called planktonic (free-floating species) which inhabits coral reefs and shallow water and are the genus of brown algae of sargassaceae family. These are small in size and have leaf-like toothed edges. Some of its species are reproduced sexually and pelagic species are reproducing by fragmentation. The term Sargassum was initiated by Portuguese sailors who found it in the Sargasso Sea. They are brown genus which may grow to a length of meters.
    Sargassum seawwed

    Description / Taste

    Sargassum seaweed is a dense seaweed with a unique plant stem that is 20 cm to 200 cm long. It has narrow, toothed, yellow-brown leaves. They grow to about 6 mm in diameter and 10 cm in length. Seaweed also have small, berry-like air sacs that allow the seaweed to float, some varieties creating rafts that float in the ocean. There are also small spines, up to about 5 mm long. All parts of seaweed are soft, pliable and pliable. It has a strong umami flavor with bitter and grainy notes.

    Minerals: Different minerals like calcium, zinc, phosphorus, sodium, copper, etc are the main nutritive constituents of the body. The daily intake of iron, zinc helps in controlling anemia, high menstrual loss, and pregnancy.
    Fatty Acids: Sargassum also contains high concentrated saturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids; even it has a low level of lipid.
    Amino acids: Sargassum also contains amino acids which have a high range of proteins. All essential amino acids like arginine, leucine, valine, tryptophan, lysine, etc.
    Vitamins: Sargassum is enriched with vitamins. Different vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K help in different ways. It may help in maintaining healthy bones, tissues, eye health, and healthy skin.
    * Source of agar: Sargassum is used for making agar which is obtained from several species. They are used in several ways for example, in preparation of jellies, ice cream, and other desserts. It can be also used for purifying liquids and in textile sizing. We can also use agar in preparing cosmetics, shoe polishes, shaving creams. It is also used by science students for media preparations.
    * Medical use: Most of the seaweeds are salty in taste. The presence of iodine in sargassum is used for maintaining thyroid gland in our body. It helps in preventing goiter testicular pain and swelling. It helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar and blood pressure.
    * Fertilizers: Various species of sargassum have potassium chloride; they are used for making fertilizers in different countries like US, Japan, South India, France, and England. In South India, these are used as manures for plantations of coconut. They are also used for producing various crops.


    Sargassum seaweed can be eaten fresh, eaten with vinegar or lemon juice, or in salads. Hawaiians use fresh sargassum seaweed as a side dish with raw fish. You will often find Sargassum seaweed in soups, vegetable dishes and condiments. To use Sargassum seaweed, first wash it thoroughly. The softer parts of the plant, like the leaves, are used, so remove any stiff stems and spines. These leaves can be sun-dried or dried and eaten as a chip, or fried and eaten as tempura. Or, cut the leaves into bite-sized pieces. They can be cooked, simmered in soy sauce for 30 minutes, then mixed with oil and other ingredients such as shredded or shredded carrots, and used as an accompaniment to fish and meat dishes. Leaves can be mixed with salt and scallions, used as a filling for dumplings. For use in soups or curries, Use the entire leaf part of the plant. Cook it in water or coconut milk. Store fresh Sargassum seaweed in salt water in an airtight container at room temperature, where it will keep for several days.

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