Bamboo Winnowing Basket Tray


Product name: Bamboo Winnowing Tray Net Cover
Application: Decoration, kitchen, vegetable basket,…
Size: Customized
Color: Natural Bamboo color
Material Feature: 100% natural bamboo, non-toxic, non-irritation, eco-friendly,durable, lightweight



    Bamboo Winnowing Basket



    Material: 100% natural bamboo, non-toxic, non-irritation, eco-friendly, durable, lightweight.

    Diameter: 20/25/30/35/40 cm or customer’s request

    Features: 100% natural material, eco-friendly, durable, decoration, alternative usage

    MOQ: 300pcs



    —Eco-friendly product for your kitchen or decoration—

    Bamboo Winnowing Basket are light and 100% biodegradable.
    Bamboo kitchen tools add a fresh, natural touch to any kitchen. They would make the perfect gift for weddings, showers, and housewarmings.



    Bamboo kitchen utensils have a smooth finish and will not get a rough or porous surface after a few months of use.

    Bamboo cooking utensils will not scratch the non-stick finish on your pans, and will not harm your finest cookware.

    **** Design For ****
    ✔ Kitchen Tool
    ✔ Living Room
    ✔ Food
    ✔ Fruit
    ✔ Basket
    ✔ Decor Home
    ✔ Decor Restaurant
    ✔ Birthday Gift Handmade
    ✔ Hotel Beach Resort Café Decor
    ✔ Bamboo mood lamp Modern
    ✔ Vintage Food Tray
    ✔ Kitchen

    Classification of bamboo sieves that we do not know yet.
    Bamboo sieves have many types and are the same way of calling (calling) but to distinguish it there are only two types for us to easily identify as thin sieve and thick sieve.
    Ready sir.
    Sparse sieve is a sieve that comes in different sizes and it is knitted with holes and made of bamboo so it is very sturdy.
    Thick sieve.
    The thick sieve is a sieve with very small holes, it is used to sieve rice like in the old days when there was no filter, so it only has 1 size.

    Application of bamboo sieves in today’s life.
    The use of bamboo and rattan products is trusted by more and more families in big cities because of their environmental friendliness and high safety in products.

    In life

    In today’s life, the sieve is widely used for storing traditional medicinal products, drying leafy vegetable products, drying wet utensils, Using bamboo sieves to build fruit, drying
    Using open sieves as shelves for storage things like bowls and chopsticks..vv

    In interior decoration.

    In interior decoration, hanging bamboo furniture on the wall is decorative for the family restaurant space.
    Use bamboo sieve to make the ceiling to create a different space for the restaurant, coffee shop to create a unique highlight for the space.

    Distinguish items made of bamboo, bamboo, sieves, baskets, racks, baskets, and bamboo mats

    Bamboo mat
    Bamboo mats are usually about 60-70cm in diameter. It is used to sort the grain grain from the flat grain or sort the rice from the husk before storing.

    Bamboo shoots
    Bamboo sticks are one of the items made of bamboo materials that are very familiar to generations of Vietnamese people. It is not only the most useful in daily life but also a very simple but effective economic development tool. If anyone has the opportunity to grow up in the land of mulberry farming, it is impossible not to know this item.

    Bamboo nong is a product made from bamboo, which has a round shape similar to a nia but has a shallow heart and is larger in size. In the life of the ancient Vietnamese, bamboo sticks were often used to dry corn, rice, potatoes, and cassava. If it rains while drying, it is very simple to collect it. You just need to bring the whole mother into the house or use a tarpaulin or plastic sheet on the bamboo to be able to shield food from wet rain.

    New Year’s Eve

    Bamboo nia is easily confused with bamboo sieve because the two items are quite similar. Therefore, if not coming from a purely agricultural family, not everyone can distinguish between bamboo items and bamboo sieves.

    Accordingly, bamboo nia has a larger size than bamboo sieve, the openings of nia are also smaller. Nia bamboo is used to catch broken rice, broken rice when sieving rice. That is also the reason for the appearance of the expression “to fall into the river” that we often hear the old people mention.

    bamboo sieve

    Bamboo sieve is also the main raw material of bamboo. It is usually round, has a shallow heart, and the height of the bamboo sieve is about 1cm. In daily life, bamboo sieve is often used to clean rice, paddy, husk and broken rice after paddy is milled into rice. This job will help us clean the rice more, making the meal more delicious.

    Bamboo basket

    Compared to the three bamboo items mentioned above, the bamboo basket is somewhat more familiar. Even people in urban areas can imagine these items. However, to distinguish bamboo items called bamboo baskets is still a difficult problem for many people.

    Bamboo baskets are items used to keep food from falling out. For example meat, fish, vegetables, fruits. After the food is purchased, it will be washed and placed in a basket, prepared for preliminary processing and cooking. Bamboo basket with open knitting eyes, about 20cm in diameter or slightly larger in size.

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