Dragon Fruit Flower


Material: 100% Natural
Specialty: For Tea or eating
Packaging: Bag, bottle
Certification: HACCP, ISO
Packaging: 10 gram per bag
Type of Fruit: Depend on customers
Cultivation type: Common, organic
MOQ: 1000 bags



    Greeting from Viet Nam,

    I come from Viet Delta company (Viet Nam). I were pleased to learn that you have intention to MIXED FRUIT DETOX on
    So I’m pleased to send you an offer as below :
    – Product: Dry Dragon Fruit Flower
    – AD process for drying
    – Packing : 25-50 kg / bag
    – Loading : 1 container 20DC
    About price : Please send me your delivery date, quantities, sea port for me to send you the best price.
    I’m looking forward to your early order and assure you that any of yours orders will have our best attention. Thank you !

    About Dried Dragon Fruit Flower

    Flowers of dragon fruit help nourish lungs, reduce cough. They are white when bloom, beautiful as epiphyllum, used to treat
    bronchitis, inflammatory lymph nodes TB, to detoxify alcohol.

    Dose 15-30g fresh or 10-12g dry of dragon fruit flowers to cook as tea. People also cook dragon fruit flower with pork to makenutritious soups to cure weak lung or phlegm.

    People also cook dragon fruit flower with pork to make nutritious soups to cure weak lung or phlegm. Dried flower still keeps its
    original nutrients and vitamins, can be kept for a long while to be used.100% natural clean dried flowers, no preservatives, no
    additives, ensuring food safety and hygiene.

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