Vermicelli Noodles – Vegetables Noodles

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Dried brown rice vermicelli with vegetables, a food supplement with a slow starch that is extremely good for health. In addition, combining with vegetables not only makes the dish more colorful but also full of nutrients.
Orange: spiny bitter cucumber
Yellow: corn
Purple: purple sweet potato + rosemary leaves
Green: Moringa
Blue: butterfly pea flower
Brown: Dragon blood brown rice vermicelli
Black: black brown rice vermicelli + black sesame



    Rice vermicelli is a thin form of noodle. It is sometimes referred to as ‘rice noodles’, but should not be confused with cellophane noodles, a different Asian type of vermicelli made from mung bean starch or rice starch rather than rice grains themselves.

    Vermicelli Noodles

                          Vermicelli Noodles

    Five-color vermicelli is one of the types of vermicelli that is highly appreciated for its quality, nutritional composition, and deliciousness. This type of vermicelli is one of the specialty dry noodles of Cao Bang.
    Five-color vermicelli is a clean and hot food these days
    Each type of dried vermicelli has a unique color and different flavor. For example, yellow vermicelli is made from pumpkin or corn, red vermicelli is made from Gấc, green vermicelli is made from moringa leaves, or blue vermicelli is made from butterfly pea flowers…

    Vermicelli is made from the hands of the local people with family secrets. Therefore, the noodle yarn product always ensures a fresh color, the fiber when boiled will be soft and tough, not crushed. Therefore, you can prepare many attractive dishes from this product. Five-color dried vermicelli is committed to being completely natural, without the use of colorants, preservatives, toughening agents or any harmful chemicals. Very good to support weight loss, people with diabetes or weak digestion and good for health.

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