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    Lemon is a fruit of the family Rutaceae, with a sour taste, the peel contains essential oils. Lemon is also a good ingredient in some oriental medicine for health care. Lemon trees are grown everywhere in the country, giving a very high yield. Let’s learn more about the characteristics, functions and uses of lemon with Zicxa Vietnam in the article below.


    The chemical composition of each lemon

    Lemons include a rich chemical composition. Each part of a lemon has its own chemical composition.

    Lemons are up to 89% water and a large amount of Vitamin C

    • Lemon peel: The outer green peel contains a large amount of essential oils. Every 3,000 to 6,000 fresh lemons will give 1 liter of essential oil in a natural way of distillation, ie fresh squeezed. The whole white peel, also known as the pulp, contains pectin.
    • Lemon essential oil has a fragrant, light yellow color and exists in liquid form. When this essential oil comes out, we will feel a bit slimy and shiny. In lemon essential oil, up to 90 to 95% are terpenes. The aroma comes from the citronella ingredients and a little citronelala.
    • Lemon peel has nutrients such as: Water (accounting for 89%), fiber, a small amount of sugar and Protein. The vitamins are extremely rich: Vitamins C, D, E, K, A, B1, B2, B5.
    • The minerals not to be missed in lemons include: Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Sodium.
    • Plant compounds: citric acid, Hesperidin, Diosmin, Eriocitrin, D-Limonene.

    Revealing some of the effects of lemon on humans

    Lemons are used in many areas of life. The sour taste of lemon is the perfect condiment to make delicious dishes. The medicinal ingredients contained in lemons form many effective oriental medicine remedies. Along with that is a series of effects of lemon that not everyone can grasp.

    1. The effect of lemon in food processing

    The aroma, sour taste of lemon is like a spice to make dishes more full of flavor. People use fresh lemons to make dipping sauces, to make mannequins, salads, and to de-fish from fish and shrimp. Or you can also use sliced ​​fresh lemon, decorate the dish. Some specific effects can be mentioned: Preventing darkening of some vegetables such as potatoes, apples, etc. Keeping green for boiled vegetables, making boiled eggs easier to peel….

    Lemon juice has a lot of vitamin C, good for the skin, for health, so mixed with sugar lemon to drink, fresh lemon smoothies are all favorite drinks .

    2. 5 Health benefits of lemons

    Along with a series of chemical components found in lemons, this fruit is also considered a medicinal herb for Eastern medicine, especially the peel and pulp of the lemon.

    Effect 1. Lemon has the effect of reducing indigestion and constipation

    Since ancient times, lemon has been used as a natural antibiotic. Lemon is an extremely effective antibacterial, killing harmful bacteria and creating conditions for beneficial bacteria to grow. This is also the reason that people with indigestion and constipation use lemon to overcome their medical conditions. Acidity in the stomach secretes more every time we sip a small piece of lemon. Supports softening and faster digestion of food.

    Effect 2. Fresh lemon treats bad breath, tooth sensitivity

    Bad breath is a condition in which bacteria live in the oral cavity, especially an area that is difficult to reach for cleaning. People with bad breath feel self-conscious and shy when interacting with others. The amount of vitamin C and antiseptic properties in fresh lemons is an effective way for us to reduce bad breath. At the same time, for people with gingivitis, using fresh lemon properly also helps to improve the phenomenon of tooth sensitivity and bleeding clearly.

    Effect 3. The liver detoxification effect of lemons

    The liver is like a filter, removing toxins that are not absorbed into the body. Bad living habits make the liver work too hard and accumulate toxins.

    As mentioned, in lemons there is an extremely rich amount of Pectin. It is an important ingredient to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. It is also the cause of extremely dangerous high blood pressure. Blood vessel walls become stronger if they are supplemented with Flavonoids, vitamin P. Potassium supports stabilizing blood pressure for the elderly.

    Effect 5. Uses of lemon to reduce fever

    When we have a fever, we often use Western medicine to reduce fever . However, if you are a child or someone with a low fever, we can also use lemon to achieve the same effect.

    Drinking diluted lemon water helps to increase the rate of sweat excretion and release body temperature. People with fever use fresh lemon to replenish the lost water as well as the necessary amount of vitamin C, improving resistance.

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