Passion Fruit Puree


Taste: sweet, Sour
Weight (kg): 10
Specification: 10kg/20kg
Packaging: Bag
Shelf Life: 14 months




    Passion Fruit

    Passion Fruit puree scientifically known as Passiflora edulis is actually a shallow-rooted, tendril-climbing, evergreen vine that belongs to the family of Passifloraceae. It is also known as black passionfruit, maracuya, passion fruit, passionflower, purple granadilla, purple passion fruit, purple water lemon, qarandila and yellow passion fruit.

    The fruit is green when young turning to yellow, greenish-yellow or purplish as they mature. The fruit has tough outer rind which covers firm, juicy meat along with abundance of seeds. Fruit normally weights in between 35-50 g. Seeds are numerous, elliptical, small, hard, dark-brown or black, pitted, approximately 2.3 mm long, with transverse striae.

    – 100% natural Frozen passion fruit puree is made from selected ingredients with a filter that ensures both flavor and color. The product provides high nutritional content to the user.

    frozen passion fruit pureeHealth Benefits of Passion Fruit

    Passion fruit is not only delicious as juice but also could be turned into several dishes and desserts. Furthermore, passion fruit is also rich of certain nutrients which makes this fruit is highly recommended to consume regularly.

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