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Product Type: Single Herbs & Spices
Style: Dried
Processing Type: Raw
Weight (kg): 1
Type: Pepper
Product Name: Black pepper
Form: Solid Dry Pepper
Taste: Spicy
Moisture: 13.5% Max
Packing: 50kg/bag
Certification: Gap





    Black pepper is one of the most commonly used spices. It is used in meat, fish, vegetables and pickled foods to add a rich flavor to dishes. It has a characteristic spicy taste and aroma. The particles will It is dried so that it can be used longer but still retains its aroma and spicy taste.

    Studies have found that piperine in black pepper, the very compound that makes you sneeze, also fights the formation of fat cells. This can push you a little further towards your weight loss goals. Research says that black pepper might offer an alternative to treatments for fat-related issues.

    Also, black pepper is a welcome addition to a weight loss diet – since a teaspoon of this pepper has just about 8 calories. And instead of that calorie-heavy Italian dressing on your chicken breast or grilled vegetables, simply add a dash of black pepper and squeeze a lemon to save calories.

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