Dried Squids

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Product name: dried squids
Style: Dried
Feature: Nutritious
Packaging: Box
Shelf Life: 24 months
Weight (kg):10kg/carton
Moisture: 15-17%
Size : 5-7 cm ,7-10 cm ,10-15 cm ,15-25cm
Additives: Salt
Place of Origin: Vietnam
MOQ: 1*20FCL
Usage: Soak in water tomake it soft, then to steam or fry with seasonings



    How is dried squid made?
    Dried squids can be enjoyed in many ways; eating it as is, pairing it with nuts served with an alcoholic beverage, dipping it in your favorite sauce, and cooking it as a side dish or main meal.
    You can buy dried squid or, alternatively, you can make your own dried squid using several drying methods. Like meat and other seafood, squids are dried to lengthen their shelf life.

    dried squids

                                 dried squids

    Dried squid that is dried while fresh will have a white belly, a natural pale pink back and matte black dots that reflect the ink’s skin, the smell is not fishy or wet hands. Dried squid is delicious when grilled, tearing out the meat inside is also pale pink and supple, tough, not crumbled. 
    Dried squid have many types: + size 7-10 cuttle /kg
    + size 12-15 cuttle /kg
    + size 18-20 cuttle/kg
    + size 25-30 cuttle/kg
    + size 30-40 cuttle/kg
    How to use Dried Squid
    Dried squid is commonly sold as a snack. However, you can use it as an ingredient in your favorite dishes. To use dried squid, you must first rehydrate the flesh by soaking it in a bowl of water until it is softened. Harder and more brittle squid has generally been left to soak for a longer time. The semi-dried ones are softer, having a leather-like consistency, and these still retain much of their initial natural flavors.
    Protein:≥ 60,8 %
    Salt≥ 3,9 %
    Lipit: ≥ 1,3 %
    Size : 5-7 cm ,7-10 cm ,10-15 cm ,15-25cm
    * 291 calo
    * 32,6 g water
    * 4,5g Fat
    * 2,5 g Glucoze
    Color : Pink white
    Origin : Viet Nam
    Moisture : 18 % max or customer’s request

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