Weight (kg): 5
Style: surimi
Type: frozen
Certification: HACCP


Surimi is a traditional food derived from the fish of Asian countries such as Japan, Korea. Raw fish is washed, filleted, minced, minced and mixed with auxiliary ingredients, shaped, heat treated to give a product called surimi.


Surimi is a high-grade fish meat that has been deboned, washed, crushed, has no characteristic taste and color, has a strong adhesion, is a semi-finished product, is a protein base, is widely used widely used to make many other aquatic products.

 FROZEN SURIMISurimi has high protein content, low lipid, no cholesterol and glucid, easy to be absorbed by the body. The protein of surimi has the ability to mix with other proteins, improving the quality of meats when mixed with beef, pork, or chicken. Especially, surimi has the property of forming a flexible mass, flavor and texture. The color is neutral, so from the surimi substrate one can process high-value simulation products such as shrimp, meat, scallops, scallops, crabs, crabs, sausages.


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