Dried Crab Shell


Product: Dried Crab Shell
Original: Vietnam
Style: Dried
Dried Process: Dried under sunshine
Moisture: 12% max
Impurity: < 4%
Size: 8 – 11.5 cm



    Dried Crab Shell

    Dried crab shell serves a dual purpose, functioning not only as a valuable source of calcium and protein for animals, but also as an exquisite material for both decorative elements and as a vessel for delectable culinary creations.
    dried crab shell

    Operating as a recognized establishment, we operate as both a supplier and exporter of an all-encompassing assortment of Dried Crab Shells, based in Vietnam. Our procurement of Crab Shells is carried out through reputable suppliers who subject the shells to meticulous processing under controlled conditions. The processing of our Dried Crab Shells involves a series of rigorous steps, followed by stringent quality assessments. Leveraging our extensive distribution network, we guarantee a seamless and punctual supply process.

    1. Making chitin, chitosan
    2. It use in chitin chitosan extracting for cosmetic industry as mask for skin beauty
    3. Decoration with sea style
    4. Use as a plate in restaurant or hotel for seafood meal

    Crab Shell Powder:

    Crab shells hold versatile applications, serving as both a valuable ingredient for animal feed and an organic fertilizer, and acting as the source material for extracting Chitin and Chitosan. These shells play a pivotal role in the extraction processes of Chitin and Chitosan, while also serving as a foundational element for producing glucosamine. Furthermore, their utility extends to the realm of organic fertilizers.

    The incorporation of Organic Crab and Lobster Shell meal into agricultural practices brings forth a range of benefits. With a notable nitrogen content of 2% and phosphorous content of 3%, as well as a substantial presence of calcium (23%) and magnesium (1.33%), this meal stands as an exceptional source of vital nutrients. Its primary role is enhancing soil quality, and it is gaining popularity among growers and as a component of potting mix growing mediums. Additionally, it exhibits efficacy in mitigating issues related to nematodes and fungal infections.

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