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    Sea worms In Vietnam, Quang Ninh (especially Van Don district) is a special sea area with many Peanut Worms living. Peanut Worms is red-brown in colour shaped like an earthworm. Its body has tiny veiny fibers but is larger in size and its intestines contain sand.

    What are Sa Sung (sea worms)? sea worms. There are over 140 different kinds of these delicious flavor bombs, and some are teeny tiny (2 millimeters long) while others can be as long as 28 inches. sea worms can reach a few inches to 10 inches long, and are the kinds employed by chefs all over Vietnam,

    They can be deep fried and eaten like chips, dry roasted and added to stock pots or broths, simmered in a pot of porridge, eaten whole in a pot of spicy Korean hot pot, and even added to stir-fried dishes along with vegetables and meats intensifying the flavor of all the other ingredients.

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