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What is the difference between coconut oil and coconut butter?

The difference between coconut oil and coconut butter
Coconut oil is produced by cold pressing the oil from copra. The oil will then solidify at room temperature and will melt into a liquid form if heated. Coconut oil has an odor and contains a light to medium amount of oil
Coconut butter is considered the peanut butter (peanut butter) of the tropics. Coconut butter is produced by pureeing coconut meat, which includes coconut oil in it. The end product is a spread (like butter) that has a very strong coconut flavor and smell. This putty will solidify at room temperature and will become softer when heated.
Nutritional value of coconut oil and coconut butter
Coconut oil is made entirely of fat, and most of it is saturated fat. One tablespoon of coconut oil can contain about 14 grams of saturated fat.
Coconut butter is made entirely from coconuts, so it also contains saturated fat, about 10 grams / 1 pack of coconut butter. But avocado will have nutritional values ​​​​that coconut oil does not have, the most noticeable is fiber. One avocado contains about 2 grams of fiber. The various nutritional values ​​of coconut butter include:
  • Protein
  • Kali
  • Magie
  • Sắt

Benefits of coconut butter:

Contains fiber
Can be used while making fondant or hard candy
Can be applied as a beauty product

Coconut butter has the natural sweetness of coconut, a dense mixture rich in fiber, protein, and vitamins that not only brings a sense of experience when enjoying but also brings many great health benefits. This food has most of the same beneficial properties as coconut oil.


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