Coir pots are made out of coconut husk fiber and bound together by natural latex as bonding agent to produce pots of various sizes.

In the natural environment, outdoor pots can decay over 06 months to 01 years depending on the size and thickness of the pots. They are very popular among nurseries due to the convenience of replanting without removing the pot. Loss of root disturbance result continuous growth over the newly established field.

Coir pots

Coir pots


– Made from 100%natural fiber and natural latex
– Color: Coco Liners in natural golden color
– Origin: Vietnam
– Moisture: + / – 15%
– Clarity: + / – 5%
– Shape: Circle, cube,
– Pot Size: According to customer requirements
– Packing: Overlap, belt with plastic / carton
– Waterproof Dimension (WxLxH): 160x160x225cm
– 2500pcs/cont 20′ coco basket, 2000pcs/cont 20′



coconut coir fiber pots


Primary Use:
– Use a flower growing in the interior home or office.
– Create designs and bring nature into the home when used for interior decoration.
– Used to transport nursery and planting saplings, seedlings, flower….

Advantages of Coir Pots
– High aesthetic than plastic pots
– High safety when not fallen apart like porcelain pots.
– Cheaper, cost savings.
– If used for growing nursery will help plants grow better and naturally by plant roots

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