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Rattan Core


Product name: Rattan Core/ Rattan Peel
Size: 1.5mm/ 2mm/ 2.5mm/ 3mm/ 3.5mm….
Usage: For making Handicraft/ Furniture
Length: 3m
Material: 100% Raw Rattan



    Wholesale Natural Raw Rattan Core Materials from Vietnam

    Rattan Core

    Rattan core, also known as center-cane, is primarily used in the crafting of baskets and wicker furniture. While it can be sourced from various rattan species, only a select few are suitable for commercial purposes. The key to quality rattan core lies in selecting the right material. High-grade rattan core should be both pliable and strong, allowing it to bend smoothly without kinks. Unlike wood, it should not crack, split, or break when bent. Additionally, it should have a firm, smooth texture and maintain uniform size and shape along its entire length.

    round rattan core, rattan reedrattan core

    Rattan Skin

    Rattan skin, known for its especially smooth texture, is used to eliminate any irregularities. It is a staple in both traditional and contemporary furniture, as well as everyday objects. This eco-friendly material is ideal for weaving, being wider and less refined than traditional chair cane. Most often, it is used as a binding material in weaving and traditional basketry. Currently very fashionable, rattan skin adds a touch of modernity and natural elegance to home decor. When combined with traditional chair cane, it allows for the creation of a wide variety of furniture pieces.

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