Our bamboo cups is made of eco-friendly 100% natural bamboo. It is an elegant and ideal decoration for office and home.
Bamboo is an eco-planet wood like grass, widely used as alternatives to traditional hardwood in many areas.
Our bamboo cups meets with simple style and customized design. Break up the monotony with this stylish and elegant bamboo cup. Add a touch of nature to your life and working space and get complimented for your eco-friendly choice.



    Production process of bamboo cups

    In recent times, the trend of using bamboo straws and cups is popular and used by people all over the world. So what are the highlights of these cups, how to make bamboo cups? Let’s find out how they are made!

    bamboo cups

    1 – Selection of ingredients

    The selected raw materials are bamboo stalks with a natural trunk diameter of 60-90 mm, old enough for 3-6 years, ensuring no pests, nor choosing too young trees that will atrophy when heated. , does not look good, there are many material areas to choose from

    The selection of raw materials greatly affects the quality of products as well as ensures strict quality standards for export to foreign countries, so this is a time-consuming step for us.

    2 – Process of preliminary processing and production of bamboo cups

    Step 1: Conduct a classification of bamboo cup diameters. After that, the bamboo is cut into pieces from 8 to 15 cm long, using sandpaper, a grinder to polish the inside and outside of the nozzle, using a brush to clean the inside.

    Step 2: Then it will be washed under high pressure water before boiling with boiling water.

    Step 3: All of these cups will be put in a pot to boil to release all the sap and residue

    Last step: These bamboo cups will be sun-dried and dried at 150 degrees Celsius to ensure that there is no water left in the cups and completely remove harmful bacteria. So finished the bamboo cups.

    3 – Decorate cups made from bamboo

    To make the cup made from bamboo more beautiful, Cups uses a high-tech laser engraving machine to make the engraving sharper.

    4 – Product packaging

    The bamboo cups will be checked for the last time, qualified products will be packed and put into cartons according to the specified standards and designs.
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