The journey from weeds to items that people cannot do without- Useful and friendly grass straws

1. The introduction of grass straws

Statistics from the Association for Ocean Conservation show that Vietnam is one of the five countries with the largest amount of plastic waste discharged into the ocean. And among those plastic things, plastic straws are a huge disaster. Therefore, the introduction of grass straws is considered a smart solution that many people trust and choose.

Grass straws are straws made from grass for the purpose of protecting the environment. The introduction of grass straws is really the solution used by many cafes, restaurants, etc. Grass straws  not only helps protect human health but also helps protect the natural environment effectively.

Grass straws are made from eagle grass, a plant commonly grown in the Mekong Delta. Eagle grass has a hollow stem and a length of 1.5m to 2m, so it is easy to apply in production. The hollow body makes the processing of the hollow core less labor intensive, but still ensures very good water and food absorption. The length of the grass is suitable for the production of the standard length of the straw which is 20cm.

grass straws

Another outstanding feature of this type of straw is the completely natural source of eagle grass. This grass also has the ability to grow and grow very easily, very quickly. Just drop the root in the environment flooded with alum, rain or shine, in 1 and a half years the tree can be harvested for production.

Eagle grass is very hardy even in hot or cold water, without any deformation. It is very suitable as a straw for both cold drinks or hot drinks, overcoming the disadvantages of paper straws.

2. The advantages of  using grass straws

Grass straws – Great alternative to plastic straws

Contributing to environmental protection is the top advantage when using grass straws. As we all know, today the environment is being destroyed extremely seriously. Every year, people release hundreds to millions of tons of waste into the environment. The amount of waste is mainly plastic, difficult to decompose, it takes hundreds, even thousands of years to decompose. The use of natural materials contributes a lot to those toxic wastes.

Therefore, grass straws – a natural material is one of the great contributions to the environment of Vietnam in particular and the world in general. For those in the F&B industry, too, if you are a restaurant owner who always wants to give customers a green lifestyle and want to make a big contribution to environmental protection, then replacing the straw Plastic is essential. In addition, your restaurant is also easier to attract customers, especially Gen Z generations who always love the environment and aim for a green life.  

Protect the health of diners when using 

The plastic straw contains a lot of microplastics, additives and food colorings. Continuous daily use will make the human body suffer a great deal. This will give rise to a number of diseases such as hormone changes, increased risk of cancer, infertility and even gastrointestinal and intestinal infections.

For children, overuse of plastic straws will lead to retarded brain development and affect the baby’s later development. 

However, replacing plastic straws with grass straws can reduce that potential by up to 99%. The health of customers is more assured, making restaurant owners more secure in doing business.

In addition, a very good advantage of grass straws is that when used with hot drinks, customers can freely use a straw, without endangering their health or affecting the taste of the drink.

Grass straws have absolutely no impact on our health. All the features from color, shape are made very safely with a single natural material of the plant.

Restaurant owners should lead the trend, change customers’ perception of use, right from the gradual use of natural materials to replace plastic. That will increase customer satisfaction to your restaurant. They understand the restaurant’s concern for them, from which they will join hands to protect the environment.

Attractive colors

With eagle grass, it has a dark green color with yellow-green color. These are all attractive colors. The feeling of holding the grass straw in the hand really makes the user feel excited. There are two types of straws from fresh eagle grass and dried eagle grass. If the fresh eagle grass straws create a feeling of freshness, the dried eagle grass straws are elegant and sophisticated.

So we have slowly flipped open with you all the information related to what is a grass straws?. Wish you have more useful knowledge about the convenient smart grass straws with the ability to effectively and safely protect the environment for users.

We hope the article has provided you with more information about the uses of grass straws!  If you have any questions about benefits and supplier of grass straws, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments below!

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