How to distinguish real honey from fake honey


Honey is called the “miracle drug” of beauty and health, but finding truly pure honey is not always easy. Let’s learn how to distinguish real honey from fake honey through this article.

Honey is one of the most nutritious food sources, often appearing in many beauty and health care recipes. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties have been proven, helping to protect the skin from external influences, prevent acne and slow down the skin aging process. Furthermore, honey provides vitamin C and minerals that help strengthen the immune system, deal with harmful bacteria and prevent common colds.

How to visually identify real and fake honey

Pure honey, especially wild honey, often has a very characteristic aroma of honey, a sweet taste, not as strong as the taste of sugar. Real honey often creates a lot of air bubbles, especially when first taken from the hive or when the weather is hot.

Real honey has many different colors from light yellow to black, so you cannot rely on color to distinguish between real and fake honey, you have to taste and smell the honey.

With the current situation of fake and poor quality honey being widely sold on the market, knowing the secrets to distinguishing them is extremely necessary.

3 How to identify real and fake honey using tools

Identify real honey by water

Dissolve a little honey with water and leave for a few hours. If the mixture remains in its original state, does not settle to the bottom of the cup or float to the surface of the water, it is real honey.

Identify real and fake honey using absorbent paper or cloth

Put a drop of honey on absorbent paper or cloth. If honey penetrates the paper or cloth, it is honey mixed with water. However, this method can only distinguish diluted honey, not honey mixed with sugar water.

Identify real and fake honey by using fresh onions

Soak a fresh onion in a cup of honey. If after a few hours, the onion wilts, it is real honey. Fake honey diluted with water will not cause the onions to wilt.

Ways to preserve honey so it doesn’t spoil

Store honey in bottles, plastic or glass jars, store honey at a temperature of about 21 – 26 degrees Celsius. Especially keep honey away from sunlight, do not place honey bottles or jars on the floor, avoid Store in places with high temperatures such as stoves or ovens and do not store in the refrigerator.

Hopefully the tips I have shared can help you identify the type of honey you are using. And the best way to avoid buying poor quality products is to buy honey at reputable stores with clear origins to protect the health of the whole family. If readers know how to distinguish real honey, remember to leave a comment to share with Viet Delta

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