Sachi seeds – Top 1 nutrition of healthy nuts

Sachi seeds, scientifically known as Plukenetia Volubilis, also known as Inca Inchi or Inca Nuts, are a species of tree in the family Euphorbiaceae, native to the Amazon rainforest, distributed from Bolivia to Mexico, but most commonly in Peru. Ecuador and Colombia…

Sachi seeds are known as a superfood in the world with their outstanding nutritional value. Sachi is both an agricultural plant, a medicinal plant, a forestry tree, an oil tree, etc. Sachi is grown mainly for seeds. Products are processed in a variety of ways: cooking oil, food…

What are the benefits of Sachi seeds? Is it really good?

Sachi seeds are rich in protein, omega-3-6-9, alpha tocopherol, vitamin E and carotenoids (Vitamin A) and fiber. Its unique nutritional collection provides remarkable benefits to the body.

With the effect of sachi seeds, products from sachi seeds are very popular and consumed in large quantities by consumers around the world.

Health benefits of sachi seeds
Beautify skin with sachi seeds

Sachi oil contains many vitamins and Omega 3, so it is extremely beneficial for the skin. Especially for those who are prone to acne.

When the nutrients of the seeds are absorbed into the body, it helps to positively change the texture of the skin from the inside. At the same time, it will also help slow down the aging process, reduce wrinkles, age spots and many other imperfections on your skin.

sachi seeds

Besides, Sachi oil also has a very high protein content. As a result, it works to restore the natural skin barrier and limit the harmful effects of the external environment. It can be said that Sachi seeds oil is an ideal ingredient to soften the skin, moisturize and maintain the youthful appearance of the skin. Sachi Oil is used as an ingredient in many cosmetics.

Hair care with sachi seeds

When the body is able to absorb a certain amount of healthy fats, it will help you get stronger and shinier hair.

Sachi seeds contain many healthy fats that help lock moisture in the hair, prevent dry hair, split ends and help restore hair effectively. Moreover, seeds also have the effect of stimulating growth, restoring damaged hair follicles and supporting the treatment of scalp inflammation such as dandruff.

Improve eyesight with sachi seeds

The eyes when operating for too long will feel a bit dry and sore. Or when the body is deficient in Vitamins and Omega 3 also causes this condition. To overcome this disease, you need to adjust your daily diet.
It is best to give priority to foods containing a lot of Omega 3 such as: salmon, sachi seeds, almonds … Or choose to take Omega 3 capsule foods to supplement nutrients for the body. And of course, it is impossible to ignore the “king of Sachi nuts“.

Improve sleep quality with sachi seeds

Tryptophan, a substance in this seed is an important amino acid that speeds up the release of serotonin. And when combined with magnesium, it will give you a comfortable feeling of going to sleep.

Support weight loss with sachi seeds

Sachi seeds contain many calories, in 28g of sachi there will be 170 calories and sachi seeds are also high in fiber. Therefore, when you eat sachi seeds, you will feel full and reduce cravings, thereby helping you to eat less.

Besides, Sachi seeds also have other ingredients such as protein, fiber and healthy fats. As a result, it helps you to feel full while still meeting all the nutrients needed by the body.

Sachi seeds have a positive effect on lowering blood pressure and blood sugar.

Sachi seeds have the effect of lowering blood pressure, which makes sachi seeds very useful in an era when many people suffer from high blood pressure like today.

Sachi seeds is a nut that has many uses and is very nutritious, but it should not be abused because of that. Eat less than 7 roasted nuts per day. If eaten a lot, can cause nausea, dizziness, digestive disorders.

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