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The craze of “grass straws” hasn’t shown any signs of cooling down after many years of storming the market. Grass straws are now appearing as a solution to replace plastic straws and other environmentally harmful single-use straws.

Along with the general development trend of the world, the problem of environmental pollution, especially plastic pollution, is increasingly concerned.

Currently, plastic is present in food, drinking water, the air we breathe, in the blood, lungs and fetus, affecting human health.

Recognizing the harmful effects of plastic pollution, many countries and territories around the world have banned the use of single-use plastic products such as straws, knives and forks, stir sticks, dishes…

grass straws

In the process of serving customers, we receive many questions about grass straws products that customers still wonder about. Here we would like to summarize 5 common questions about grass straws on the internet. If you still have doubts about eagle grass straws, please see the following article.

What are grass straws made of?

Grass straws, as the name suggests, are made from the stem of a plant called the Eagle grass. Eagle grass is a plant in the Sedge family, with a hard and hollow stem, often growing in alum flooded areas, saline in the western provinces.

In the past, grass was harvested by people to make handicraft products. Today, they are also used to make straws to replace plastic straws.

Are grass straws completely biodegradable in natural?

The grass straws are made from the stem of the grass tree, through the process of cleaning, drying, sterilizing and then reaching the consumer without any chemicals.

So it is a completely natural product and completely decomposes in nature without any complicated process.

grass straws

What is the diameter of the grass straw? Can it be used for drinks with topping or pearl milk tea?

Grass straws have a diameter of 4-8mm, this does not mean that one tube has the same diameter of 4mm and another has the same diameter of 6mm (like a paper straw).

Because grass straws are made from grass stalks, a stem is usually cut into 4 segments, each 20cm long to make a straw, and the stem usually has a larger base than the top, so the diameter of the pipe will be smaller. even. However, the smallest tube with the smallest tip of 4mm is enough to drink drinks such as fruit juice, tea, coffee, soft drinks, smoothies (and this percentage is very small).

Solid drinks such as milkshakes or those with toppings, pearl milk tea should use larger diameter tubes such as rice straws, bamboo straws or paper straws.

grass straws

What is the length of the grass straws?

The common length of grass straws on the market today is 20cm, but if you need to use grass straws for drinks and cups of other sizes, you need to adjust the length accordingly (22cm, 13cm). , 15cm…) then please contact us for custom cutting.

Is the grass straws soft, is it soluble in water?

Grass straws do not soften, do not dissolve in water no matter how long you soak it in any drink, for how long. The tube is good for alcoholic beverages, warm and hot drinks, even with drinks requiring high water temperature such as tea, coffee.

This is the outstanding feature and outstanding advantage of grass straws compared to many other environmentally friendly straws.

grass straws
grass straws

Above are 5 common questions about grass straws on the internet that we have answered. If you have any questions regarding our straws or you need eco-friendly, disposable plastic alternatives, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

“Are grass straws safe for the environment?”

  • Grass straws can be used many times, limiting waste to the environment than plastic straws.
  • Grass straws, after not being used, can be recycled as green fertilizer.
  • Eagle grass straws do not affect the water environment and aquatic animals, etc.

Currently, grass straws products are initially approaching fastidious markets such as Japan, the US,…

If you are looking for a company to produce grass straws and export grass straws to cooperate or have a need to process the production of grass straws. Please contact below:

VietDelta Corp.
Address: 20/5 Dinh Bo Linh, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh.
Telephone: (84.28)35355118
Email: info@vdelta.com.vn

We are ready to meet all the quantity and quality requirements of our customers.

Thank you./

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