Lotus seeds and the miracles hidden inside

lotus seeds

What is lotus seed?

Lotus seeds are seeds of plants belonging to the genus Lotus, they are located in the lotus calyx. After the flower fades, the lotus is harvested to get the fruit, peeled off the lotus seed. Lotus seeds are often used in both forms, fresh seeds and dried seeds with great nutritional value inside.

Valuable nutrients from lotus seeds

Encapsulated in a small lotus seed are valuable nutrients. Lotus seeds provide energy and essential nutrients such as starch, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B2 (riboflavin), sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus … and do not contain cholesterol.

Effects of lotus seeds that you should know

lotus seeds

With an abundant source of nutrients as we have listed above, lotus seeds have become a nutritious dish for all family members. From grandparents, parents to siblings, pregnant women, children, anyone can receive nutrients from lotus seeds.

Health benefits

Lotus seeds provide a lot of energy

Lotus seeds help reverse aging

Lotus seeds are good for oral health

Lotus seeds contribute to the treatment of headaches

Lotus seeds strengthen the health of the elderly and postpartum women

Lotus seeds are good for children

Dishes from lotus seeds have a health-promoting effect:  Thanks to the ” clean energy ” that lotus seeds provide, you can cook dishes with lotus seeds to nourish if your baby is sick, or simply Add to the weekly menu to supplement nutrients for your baby.

Lotus seeds are rich in calcium, so it is very good for babies:  People liken lotus seeds to be like a ” calcium powerhouse ” because this amount of micronutrients accounts for more than 40% of the weight of lotus seeds. As a result, lotus seeds have the ability to maintain the necessary calcium levels of children, helping the development of bones and teeth. Supplementing dishes from lotus seeds is similar to giving your child milk to build strong bones and grow taller.

Benefits of lotus seeds for pregnant women

Both fresh lotus seeds and dried lotus seeds have abundant nutrients, which are very good for pregnant women and the development of the fetus. If you are pregnant, eating lotus seeds not only adds nutrients but is also a very good pregnancy pill.

Lotus seeds will be very good for the development of the nervous system and brain of the baby in the womb:  With the rich nutritional composition I mentioned above, especially folic acid (folate) and riboflavin (B12), are Essential components of DNA synthesis and cell division, lotus seeds have a positive effect on the formation and development of the baby’s brain as well as the nervous system and thinking right from the womb. . Therefore, expectant mothers need to supplement their diet with adequate folate during pregnancy to help prevent neural tube defects in babies, which includes eating lotus seeds.

Lotus seeds are good for blood sugar, heart health and help pregnant women control blood pressure and weight during pregnancy:  Pregnancy is a period when a woman has to face the risk of many diseases that when normal they don’t have, for example, blood pressure, diabetes, and even heart disease, which is caused partly by hormonal changes in the body, and partly by diet and exercise.

The lotus heart is the embryo found in the core of the lotus seed. This part contains a lot of vitamins and also contains alkaloids and isoquinoline with the effect of controlling blood flow in the body, which also controls your blood pressure. Alkaloids and isoquinoline are the source of the bitter taste in lotus heart, but they are also combatants against spasms, thus keeping your blood vessels dilated and thereby lowering blood pressure.

Lotus seeds contain many nutrients, vitamins, protein, magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron, so eating a little will also provide an abundant source of energy and a feeling of fullness, so it will help you limit the intake of many other foods. . This is the weight control effect of lotus seeds.

Lotus seeds help pregnant women sleep well:  Sleep is extremely important for pregnant women because it directly affects the health of the mother as well as the health and development of the baby in the womb. In addition to nutrition, you also need to pay attention to sleep if you are pregnant because a pregnant woman who loses sleep regularly for a long time will make the body tired and exhausted, making it physically and mentally difficult. of the baby cannot develop.


That’s it, around us there are so many natural foods that bring great new nutritional and health values. If I didn’t find out, I would not have expected that behind the beautiful lotus flower there are so many valuable values. At first, when I think of lotus, I only think of the sisters who often go to the lotus pond to take pictures, then remember the delicious lotus seed jam on Tet, or the legend of the crown prince Na Tra being revived from the lotus body by Thai At Chan. stop.

Now that you know the magic of this incredibly healthy seed, don’t ignore the amazing benefits that lotus seeds bring.

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