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    Water hyacinth hat are made of water hyacinth material. The hat is designed with a wide brim. 

    The hat is hand made in Vietnam. 100% natural water hyacinth, hand woven by people of a small village in Vietnam.
    Currently, water hyacinth fiber has been applied to create various products such as coaster, slippers, basket, hat, fruit tray, furniture, handbag, and women purse. Tough yet flexible is known to be key properties of water hyacinth stem, which is the main material used to produce water hyacinth fiber.

    The owner of the hyacinth hat is definitely a person with a unique fashion sense. Because today, very few people use and know about it. If you have come, they will definitely be beauty lovers, pioneers in beauty and diligently looking for accessories to be fashionable. The water hyacinth hat with a wide brim provides great shade for women.

    water hyacinth hat

    Besides, the water hyacinth hat is a nature-friendly product but also a great travel accessory when combined with a bag of water hyacinth or Cluth water hyacinth. The hyacinth hat is combined with a simple but very beautiful bow tie. Beautiful by the simple beauty of the hat. The hat size is just right. 

    Water hyacinth hat today are gradually being known and supported by many people. Durable hat. New and unique style. Because it is a Homemade product, you can decorate it with patterns as you like, or add straps if you want.


    Water hyacinth hat combined with decorative wire

    Material:   dry hyacinth fiber 

    Origin:  Vietnam

    Storage:  Dry, avoid moisture. If it gets wet, remember to dry it in the sun.

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