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The main ingredient: Coconut shell and soy wax, flavorings, essential oils, colorants, decorative flowers
Size S: GW: 250gr; NW: 150gr
M: GW: 300gr; NW: 120gr
L: GW: 370gr; NW: 270gr
Candle wick: Wooden/cotton
Aroma: Lemongrass, Orange, Gardenia, Lemon, Chocolate,
Coconut, Vanilla, Lavender
Material: Soy Wax
Use: Birthdays, Home Decoration, Holiday, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day
Packing: 12-20pcs/carton box
Fire time: 15-20 hours depend on the size
Origin: Vietnam
Certification: C/O, CE / EU



    Coconut Candle Bowl

                         Coconut Candle Bowl

    Coconut shell– a familiar item when it comes to the countryside or difficult days. The coconut shell becomes very dear. This genuine coconut shell combined with candle wax becomes strangely delicate.
    Candles are not only beautiful, but also safe for health.

    coconut candle bowl

    Common features of coconut shell scented candles
    Main ingredients: Coconut wax, soy wax, natural coconut shell.
    The white candle color is more prominent when it is protected by a strong dipper. Secure lid.
    Made in Vietnam and Made in Vietnam. The product burns without smoke, very safe for health.





    There are five common scents:                                  
    – Pine & Sandalwood
    – Lemongrass & Ginger
    – Cinnamon Spice
    – Gardenia
    – Lavender + Mint

    – Products are used to decorate interior / exterior space, warm in important holidays.
    – Can eliminate unpleasant odors in the room such as smoke, food, musty odors.
    – Your body and mind will be soothed from stress, fatigue, easier to fall asleep deeper and better thanks to the gentle fragrance.
    – Helps to refresh the spirit, purify the air, repel insects.
    – Easy to carry for travel

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