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Hyacinth carpet is a type of carpet that is handcrafted from dried hyacinth fibers. The water hyacinth, cutting off the leaves and drying it, will form a strand of water hyacinth, which is the main material for knitting and weaving this water hyacinth carpet.

Name product: hyacinth carpet/ handmade carpet
Material: 100% Water hyacinth
Thickness: 5-8 mmm
Construction: hand woven
Customized logo: Available
Origin: Vietnam




    Hyacinth mat carpet is the type of interior decoration material used to line the floor after construction is complete. “The hyacinth carpet plays a crucial role in interior design, contributing to the creation of vibrant and lively living spaces. This floor covering not only adds warmth and reduces noise effectively but also provides slip resistance and boasts a significant aesthetic appeal.”

    hyacinth mat carpet

                          hyacinth mat carpet

    These handmade indoor carpets are meticulously crafted from organic water hyacinth cultivated in the lush landscapes of Vietnam. Water hyacinth, a resilient aquatic plant known for its rapid growth in aquatic habitats, serves as the primary material for these exquisite creations. Among the many products crafted from water hyacinth, baskets, bags, and carpets stand out as some of the most popular.

    The decision to employ water hyacinth in the crafting of these carpets not only highlights the innate beauty of this plant but also underscores the commitment to sustainable and eco-conscious practices. By repurposing water hyacinth into finely crafted carpets, we actively champion responsible resource management and bolster the local craftsmanship in Vietnam. These organic carpets offer a distinctive and environmentally friendly choice for elevating the interior aesthetics of homes and spaces, adding a touch of natural elegance while contributing to ecological sustainability.

    The production process of water hyacinth carpets involves several intricate steps that require skill and precision. While specific techniques may vary among different weaving villages, the general process includes the following stages:

    1. Prepare Materials: The process begins with the preparation of the raw materials, which are water hyacinth fibers. These fibers are collected and cleaned to remove any impurities or unwanted elements.
    2. Raw Material Handling: Once the fibers are cleaned, they are often sun-dried to reduce moisture content, making them more suitable for weaving.
    3. Create Frames and Weave Products: Skilled artisans create frames or looms to provide a structured foundation for weaving. The cleaned and prepared water hyacinth fibers are then woven together using traditional techniques to form the carpet’s pattern and design. This stage demands precision and artistic creativity.
    4. Dye: Depending on the desired color and design, the carpet may undergo a dyeing process. Natural or synthetic dyes can be used to achieve the desired shades and patterns.
    5. Drying and Curing: After dyeing (if applicable), the carpets are dried thoroughly. Sun drying is a common method used to remove excess moisture and set the colors.
    6. Inspect and Handle Products: Skilled artisans inspect the carpets for any imperfections, ensuring that the weave is consistent and the colors are vibrant. Any necessary adjustments or repairs are made at this stage.
    7. Box and Preserve: Once the carpets meet quality standards, they are carefully packaged and preserved to protect them during transportation and storage. This includes proper wrapping and boxing to prevent damage.
    8. Product Consumption and Distribution: The finished water hyacinth carpets are then ready for distribution to local markets, retailers, or export to international buyers. They find their way into homes, resorts, hotels, and other interior decor settings.

    All materials are eco friendly, non-dye, and non-toxic preservative.


    The hyacinth carpet, crafted from natural water hyacinth material skillfully woven into braids, is a distinctive, delicate, and luxurious product with versatile applications. It is suitable for use in a variety of settings, including:

    1. Homes: Hyacinth carpets provide an elegant and natural touch to home interiors, enhancing the overall decor and comfort of living spaces.
    2. Resorts: These carpets can be used in resort accommodations, adding a touch of luxury and eco-friendliness to guest rooms and common areas.
    3. Hotels: Hyacinth carpets are an excellent choice for upscale hotels, contributing to a sophisticated ambiance in lobbies, suites, and dining areas.
    4. High-end Yoga Studios: Yoga studios that emphasize a serene and environmentally conscious atmosphere can benefit from the presence of hyacinth carpets, creating a tranquil space for practice.

    Product Details:

    • Product Name: Hyacinth Carpet / Handmade Carpet
    • Material: 100% Water Hyacinth
    • Thickness: 5-8 mm
    • Construction: Hand Woven
    • Customized Logo: Available
    • Origin: Vietnam

    These hyacinth carpets not only exhibit exceptional craftsmanship but also embody eco-friendly values, making them a unique and sustainable choice for interior decor in various settings.










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