Type: Bed Mat
Fabric Count: 50
Height: 15 to 17 Inches
Product: Mattress
Material: Bamboo / Cotton
Style: Plain
Technics: knitted




    Bamboo mat is a product that is often in a state of “out of stock” every time the summer comes, because it has good cooling ability, affordable price but high durability. However, not everyone has the experience to choose quality bamboo mats for their loved ones and family. 

    The trend of green consumption, or the selection of products of natural origin, is an irreversible trend across the globe. When you use products from nature you will be assured of quality, safety and personal responsibility for the environment. The same composition of bamboo mat is 100% from the mountainous northern Vietnam, architecture of Vietnam brings you and your family good sleep and close to nature.



    1.1. Classify 

    Based on the characteristics of each product, bamboo mats are divided into two main types: bamboo mats and bamboo mats. In there:

    1.1.1. Bamboo mat

    This is a type of mat consisting of bamboo eyes similar in shape to a small rectangle, linked together by strong and durable yarns, forming a complete mat.

    1.1.2. Bamboo mat

    This is also a type of mat made from the trunk of a bamboo tree. However, the difference is that this product will use long, small and thinner bamboo slats than bamboo mats. And these bamboo rods will be linked together by small but strong ropes. From there, create toothpick mats of various sizes.

    2. Benefits of bamboo mats 

    Using this type of mat brings many benefits to people, from health to culture and economy, specifically as follows:

    2.1. Bringing good sleep to users

    When the weather is hot, bamboo mats are the “savior” to help families regulate the temperature, release the heat from the body, thereby helping you and your loved ones sleep better. 

    The gaps between the bamboo slats are the ideal conditions for the air to circulate smoothly, bringing absolute coolness to the user.

    2.2. Increase the aesthetics of the bedroom space

    Although it is a handmade product, the mat has many beautiful designs, diverse but luxurious textures, definitely contributing to beautify the bedroom space for your family.

    2.3. For the gift

    This is a product line that can be used for all audiences from old – young – big – baby, so you can choose to make an extremely convenient and meaningful gift. Giving a bamboo mat can also show that you are a caring person who cares about the health of the recipient.

    2.4. Create jobs for workers

    When using mats, you are also contributing to the consumption of traditional handicraft products, contributing to creating jobs for people in the locality.

    2.5. Preserving cultural traditions

    In Vietnam, there are traditional craft villages specializing in bamboo and rattan, including craft villages specializing in producing quality bamboo mats for consumers. Using products means that these craft villages continue to be maintained and contribute to preserving the country’s fine cultural traditions.

    Choose bamboo mats of reputable brands

    3. Experiences in choosing to buy quality bamboo mats

    When choosing bamboo mats for your loved ones and family, you need to pay attention to the following points:

    3.1. Size 

    Bamboo mats in Vietnam are handmade, so they are relatively accurate in size. Therefore, when choosing a mat, measure the bed or the space you want to place the mat in advance to choose the appropriate mat. This also contributes to beautifying your bedroom space instead of lacking or excess compared to the bed.

    3.2. Choose the right type of projection

    As you know, there are 2 main types of mats: bamboo mats and bamboo mats. So to choose the right one for your loved ones and family, you can rely on the characteristics of each product that have been analyzed in detail above.

    3.3. Bamboo eyes

    If you choose bamboo mats, it should be noted that high-quality mats are mats made from bamboo eyes of uniform size, not broken. 

    In addition, the high-quality mats will be made from old bamboo trunks over 10 years old with high durability, completely different from poor quality products made from young tree trunks that are prone to termites, termites or creaks. after a short period of use.

    3.4. Wire rope

    To form a complete mat, the bamboo or bamboo rods are all linked together by strong ropes or ropes. The longevity of the mat is high or not depends on these wires. Therefore, when choosing a mat, make sure the product you choose is made from high-quality, durable ropes.

    3.5. Distance between eyes

    The distance between the bamboo eyes is also an important point you need to pay attention to. It is recommended to choose mats that have a certain distance between the bamboo eyes, to both ensure air circulation, and ensure aesthetics, and make sure there is enough space for the bamboo eyes to expand comfortably in the room. throughout the period of use.

    3.6. Choose mats of reputable brands

    To make sure that the bamboo mat you choose is of high quality, choose the mats of big brands such as: Truc Lam bamboo mat, Cao Bang bamboo mat, etc.

    Unlike the products of mattresses nowadays, you have to clean the laundry by washing hard. With drapes, you can clean the bamboo mat in a very simple way using a clean towel to dry place. If you are more careful you can use 5% oxygen solution to clean as well as sterilize. A small reminder is that when you buy an allergy-sensitive picture when using a bamboo mat, you should clean it thoroughly before use.



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