Material: 100% Tapioca Starch
Usage: Cat Cleaning Products
Size: 1.5mm-3.5mm
Color: Natural Color
Smell: Natural Smell from Tapioca



    Environmentally-Friendly Cat Litter Crafted from Natural Tapioca/Cassava Starch

    Our feline-friendly litter solution is meticulously fashioned from tapioca, resulting in a wholly natural composition that ensures the safety and well-being of your cherished pets.

    Key Benefits of Our Innovative Litter:

    • Completely devoid of dust particles, promoting cleaner air quality
    • Exhibits excellent clumping properties for effortless waste management
    • Comprises an entirely natural formulation
    • Demonstrates a profound commitment to ecological harmony
    • Effortlessly disintegrates within the toilet bowl, post your pet’s use
    • Poses no harm to cats, even if ingested accidentally
    • Retains the inherent scent and color of tapioca, providing an organic olfactory experience.

    cat litter

    High Quality Cat Litter – Made from Tapioca Starch (food grade). It is safe for both people and cats. Even that they can eat tapioca cat litter.
    – Non-chemical. 99% Dust free.
    – Have a natural flavor of tapioca starch, not artificial flavors.
    – Absorb moisture well, clump up quickly makes it easier to find out and clean cat litter.
    – Dissolve in water, so you just need put the Clumping into the toilet, soak it 15 minutes and flush it away. Or you can throw it in the garden or reuse for planting.
    – Be light white so we can track the health of kitties- 100% Natural and Safe Cat Litter for Your Pets. Eco-friendly Cat Litter from Tapioca Starch.
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