“”Explore diverse flavors: Top 1 Great Jelly Types in Drinks!!”

Jelly beverage is not only a symbol of deliciousness but also a journey of discovery about natural flavors. Natural jellies not only add excitement but also provide special health benefits. Here’s an adventure through unique and diverse natural jellies that open up a new world of beverage experiences.

1. Aloe Vera Jelly – Symbol of Purity:

Aloe vera jelly not only cools the body but also contains the gentle and pure flavor of aloe vera. The interaction between palatability and health benefits makes it a great choice for those who want a beverage that is not only delicious but also healthy.

  1. Coconut Jelly: Mixing Tropical Icons In Beverage

Coconut jelly, with its sweet taste and delicate coconut flavor, immerses us in a tropical atmosphere right in every drop of beverage. Made from natural coconut milk, coconut jelly not only brings a unique flavor but is also a source of valuable nutrients. With every sip, coconut jelly is an adventure full of sophistication and vitality.

coconut jelly

3. Black Grass Jelly: Blending Delicate Sweet Flavor

Black Grass Jelly, with its sweet flavor and delicate creativity, is the perfect highlight for your beverage. Thin layers of jelly create softness and appeal, combined with the gentle scent of star dew. Jelly is not only a cool drink, but also a unique experience, enjoying every fresh drop.

black grass jelly

How to make black jelly from natural leaves
If you don’t like the way of making starfish from the available powder packet, you can cook it with natural seaweed leaves

Prepared ingredients
50g dried mistletoe plant
30g tapioca starch

Step 1: Processing Dried black jelly Leaves

Washing Dried Sunflower Leaves: Soak the dried black jelly Leaves in water for about 5 minutes to remove all dirt and sand, making the cleaning process easier.

Wash Leaves Many Times: Pay attention to wash the leaves several times to ensure all residue and sand are removed, ensuring cleanliness and health safety.

Step 2: Cook the Sauce Essence

Chop and Cook black jelly Leaves: black jelly leaves into small pieces and boil in 500ml of water for about 2 hours. This helps the leaves to soften very thoroughly, creating favorable conditions for the later step of crushing the jelly.

Crush the leaves: When it has softened enough, rub the leaves thoroughly to remove all the slime. Use a clean cloth to filter and make sure the water is purified.

Step 3: Mix Energy Powder

Dissolving Tapioca Starch: Dissolve 30g tapioca starch with a little water in a small bowl to form a smooth mixture.

Add Tapioca Starch to the Water: Pour the tapioca starch mixture into the boiled water and stir well.

Step 4: Make Frozen Jelly

Pour the Mixture into the Mold: Pour the mixture of flute dew and tapioca starch into the mold, let it cool and place it in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.

Enjoy the Jelly: After about 2 hours, take it out and separate the mold to get the smooth, crispy jelly.

Preserving black Jelly:

Use Stainless Steel Molds: Store jelly in a stainless steel mold to ensure safety and flavor.

Storing in the Refrigerator: Store the jelly in the refrigerator (2-3 degrees Celsius) for long-term preservation.

Storage Time: In the refrigerator, jelly can be stored for 3-4 days, while outdoors it should be used within 1-2 days.

4. Ginseng Jelly: Unique Flavor and Exquisite Health Benefits

Ginseng jelly, from natural ginseng leaves, is not only delicious but also brings many health benefits. Known for its ability to reduce stress, aid digestion, and replenish nutrients, ginseng jelly is a great combination of flavor and health in each jelly.

ingredient to make ginseng jelly
500g ginseng dew leaves with long
5 g salt
5g sugar
4 liters of cold water

Step 1 prepare ingredients

First, pick out the 500g of ginseng leaves that you bought and remove any rotten or yellow leaves, wash them with salt water and cold water, and let them dry. Put the ginseng leaves in a bowl and use scissors to cut them into small pieces so they can be crushed easily.

Step 2 crush the ginseng leaves

Crush the ginseng leaves

after chopping ginseng leaves. Pour 4 liters of water into a bowl and use your hands to crush the ginseng leaves. You squeeze the leaves when crushing them so that the ginseng leaves coagulate faster. Crushing the ginseng is completed when the leaves are no longer there or have lightened to a pure green color.

Step 3 completed
Finally, you put the mixture through a sieve to remove the ginseng residue. Below is a mold or large bowl of your choice, and remove the small layer of foam that floats.

Squeeze the residue from the ginseng leaves and remove the foam on the surface

Let the mixture rest for 2 hours at room temperature or put it in the refrigerator to freeze faster. If you stay at room temperature, you’re fine. The ginseng is more ripe and chewy.

We are proud to bring you the ultimate variety and quality in our jelly products. From cool aloe vera jelly, delicate coconut jelly, to nutritious flute jelly and ginseng jelly – we are committed to providing the most exceptional refreshment experience.

If you’re looking for a fresh dose of creativity and moisture for your menu, contact us today. Our team of experts will assist you in choosing the product that best suits your needs and desires. Explore the world of taste and health with us – where uniqueness and quality meet.

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