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Jelly powder and useful information about jelly powder

What is Agar powder?

At parties, jelly powder is a favorite dessert with delicious flavor and delicate, eye-catching presentation with vibrant colors. Cold jelly jelly is not only refreshing but also the perfect choice to cool down after heavy meals. With two types: crispy jelly and soft jelly, each jelly offers a unique culinary experience with its own distinct flavor and feel. A great ending to any party!

There are two types of jelly powder:
+ Crispy jelly and sticky jelly

agar powder

What is jelly powder made from?

a. Ingredients of crispy jelly powder

This crispy jelly powder comes from botanical extracts of red algae. After the red algae is boiled, the water is filtered, and the remainder is dried and ground into a fine powder. The characteristics of this powder are its high thickening and binding ability.

Crispy jelly powder contains many minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, which are healthy for health when used in the right dosage. With strong freezing properties, hardness, porosity and high adhesion, crispy jelly powder is often popular in making jelly and traditional jelly dishes.

b. Ingredients of jelly powder

agar powder

Popular jelly powders on the market are mainly made from seaweed. The outstanding feature of this powder is its high adhesion ability, bringing a flexible feeling when enjoying.

– Thanks to its flexible properties, this type of jelly powder is used to make jelly, jellies, sweet soup or topping cakes…

The difference between soft jelly powder and crunchy jelly powder

a. About characteristics:

Jelly powder: As the name suggests, Jelly powder has the characteristics of light solidification and creates a flexible product. The transparent color of Jelly powder is often very beautiful, especially suitable when cooked with fruit juice.

Crispy Jelly Powder (Agar): Agar powder, on the other hand, has a strong gel consistency but is friable, making the final product feel quite elastic. Agar is often used to combine with coffee, pandan leaves, or chocolate to create characteristic colors and different attractiveness.

b. About usage:

For crispy jelly powder:

The ratio of jelly powder and water is usually instructed on the packaging of each brand, but the water ratio can be adjusted depending on the addition of ingredients such as coffee flavor, tea, coconut milk, fresh milk, chocolate, or condensed milk to make the jelly dish richer.
How to cook: Crispy jelly powder needs to be soaked in cold water first to expand, then boil and stir well to cook the jelly.

For jelly powder:

The ratio of jelly powder and water can be adjusted to achieve the desired consistency. If coloring ingredients such as coffee, fresh fruit, or coconut milk are added, the water ratio is usually reduced.
The usual way to use is to boil 2 packets of jelly powder (10g/packet) with about 3.5l of filtered water, the remaining ratio is for natural colorants.
How to cook: Boil water, sprinkle a little jelly powder into the boiling water, stir well until the powder dissolves, then add sugar and stir to dissolve. Remember to reduce the heat when sprinkling flour to avoid boiling and foaming out of the pot.

Is jelly powder good?

Effects of jelly powder in promoting the digestive system:

The alga alkane mannitol in jelly is a low-calorie sugar that nourishes beneficial bacteria in the intestines, helping to quickly digest and remove waste in the intestines, increasing calcium absorption.
Reduces the risk of intestinal, colon, and rectal cancers, prevents constipation and promotes excretion.

Effects of jelly in detoxification and weight loss:

DHA in jelly helps reduce blood triglycerides and bad cholesterol, prevent diabetes, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, nourish the blood, kidneys, circulatory system, and excretory system.
Fertile clement regulates blood circulation, detoxifies, and removes waste from the body.
Vitamin B2 stimulates the endocrine glands, reduces hunger, and participates in cellular metabolism.
Vitamin C supports metabolism, improves adrenal function, produces sex hormones, and promotes collagen formation.

Jelly helps reduce cholesterol in the blood:

Jelly contains more than 90 types of trace minerals and lots of vitamin A, calcium, vitamin B2, and potassium with low salt content.
This is a priority food for people with high blood pressure.
Contains 10-15% inorganic salt and is widely used in the food, confectionery, and beverage industries. Jelly is an example illustrating its popularity in cuisine.

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