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100% Gac Fruit Meat
Size (cm): 8-18 cm
Weight (kg): 0.7
Water: 77%
Protein: 2.1%
Lipid: 7.9%
Glucid: 10,5%
Beta Carotene: 1132mg/kg min
Lycopene: 0,23% min
Vitamin E: 61,2 mg/kg min



    Gac fruit is a special food plant of Vietnam, with the scientific name momordica cochinchinensis, belonging to the genus of bitter melon. Flowers are yellow.
    The fruit is round, green, turning red-orange when ripe. Gac bark has dense spines. In addition, each fruit usually has six segments, red-orange Gac flesh, dark brown seeds.
    In Vietnam, there are about 3 species commonly called Gac sticky rice, Gac fruit and Gac hybrid.
    Gac fruit is used in both culinary and medicine.
    Gac fruit is a nutritious fruit.
    Gac fruit contains many vitamins, antioxidants and carotenes that help bring benefits to human health.

    The important health benefits Gac fruit can bring to the body

    2.1. Anti-cancer Gac fruit
    2.2. Gac fruit supports the treatment of anemia
    2.3. Gac fruit helps reduce cholesterol
    2.4. Gac fruit helps prevent cardiovascular diseases
    2.5. Gac fruit improves eyesight
    2.6. Gac fruit slows down the aging process of the body

    Gac fruit is extracted into starch, into Gac oil for processing and beauty


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