1/ Dried dragon fruit: What is it and is it good for your health?

Dried dragon fruit is a popular product today because of its extremely modern drying technology, so it still remains delicious and nutritious. Especially different from the gentle flavor of fresh dragon fruit, dragon fruit is richer, very rich and delicious

This is a popular fruit in Vietnam, loved by many people because it is not only attractive thanks to its delicious taste but also brings enormous health benefits that are not inferior to expensive products.

This tropical fruit, also known as a cactus, has become popular worldwide over the past few years. It mainly attracts people because of its quite unique and bright appearance, but at the same time both fresh and dried dragon fruit have a lot of nutrients that are good for human health. In this article, we will tell you what dried dragon fruit is and its health benefits.


It is very crunchy, naturally sweet, rich in
fiber and minerals. It is produced from 100% fresh dragon fruit,
with absolutely no additives, no preservatives, very good for health. Can be
used to supplement nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

3/ Do you know what the uses of dried dragon fruit are?

1. Dried dragon fruit helps prevent osteoporosis

Although the calcium content in dried dragon fruit is not too high, also contains many other minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium… these substances help the body absorb calcium better and help strengthen bones. Prevents osteoporosis very effectively.

2. ntains high calories

According to the nutrition facts table of dried dragon fruit below, it can be seen that 1 serving of it (28g) provides up to 103.8 calories, equivalent to 5% of the body’s daily calorie needs. As you probably know, dragon fruit loses a lot of water after drying, but 28g of dried dragon fruit is relatively little. However, just a small amount of dried dragon fruit helps the body supplement a lot of calories. Therefore, if you want to quickly energize your body, try using dried dragon fruit.

3. It provides a lot of vitamin C

It is different from dried fruits in that it still retains its vitamin C content after drying. According to Nutrition Facts, a 28-ounce serving provides up to 3.65% of the body’s calcium needs in a day. Vitamin C is a very good vitamin for the body, helping to increase resistance and fight aging very well.

4. It is good for the digestive system

You may not know, it contains very high fiber content. Each 28g of dried dragon fruit contains 2.75g of fiber. The amount of fiber in one serving (28g) of this dried dragon fruit meets up to 11% of the body’s fiber needs in a day. Fiber is a substance that helps the digestive system function better, it also helps significantly reduce the rate of constipation, which is very good for the body.

5. It is good for the cardiovascular system

The abundant amount of iron will help the body avoid anemia due to iron deficiency. Iron is also an agent that helps the nervous system function better, supports the circulation process of bringing blood to the brain, helping the brain function stably without fatigue due to anemia. Iron and potassium in dragon fruit also help the muscles in the body develop better and avoid fatigue and pain when exercising at high intensity.

6. Helps prevent cancer

It is also a very good food and is said to help reduce the risk of prostate cancer and reduce the risk of tumors in the body. Although studies do not have evidence to prove it accurately, many statistics show that eating fruits and fruit dishes is very good for the body and helps prevent disease. cancers.


You should only consider it as a dessert snack because you should not eat too much. Eating too much dried dragon fruit will cause bloating, indigestion and nutrient deficiencies.

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