1/What kind of dried bananas product is it, why is it named like that?

Dried banana is a product made from bananas that are sliced ​​and dried at the appropriate temperaturec. At the same time, the medicinal properties inside the banana are increasingly effective and can be preserved longer. In addition, dried bananas still retain their beautiful natural color, without discoloration, distortion, distortion, or damage.

Normally, each banana that wants to ensure standards such as dried banana must ensure quality, be inspected and carefully grown.

A good product must retain all the nutrients of the banana, not be lost after drying and not be damaged.


Made from 100% fresh, medium ripe bananas, no preservatives used, ensuring food hygiene and safety. Dried banana slices are cut into round slices before drying.

3/Uses of dried bananas for health
    It does not contain many vitamins because during the drying process, vitamins are often lost. However, minerals in dried bananas are abundant without losing some minerals that are good for the body such as: Calcium, iron, omega 3, omega 6. Most of these minerals are very good for health.
    also contain a large amount of nutrients such as glucose, sucrose, fructose, etc. They are suitable when the body needs immediate energy when working hard or the body is weak when hungry.
    its also provide the body with a rich source of calories because in only 10g of dried bananas there will be more than 300 calories, equivalent to 15% of the body’s calorie needs within a day. It is a very practical source of nutrition that you can eat dried bananas to provide a source of calories to help you exercise all day without being exhausted.
    When you have to work stressfully, you need to supplement a lot of brain energy… Use dried bananas right away for your body because it contains a large amount of vitamins to help you work focused.
  • MINIMIZE ANEMIA Dried bananas help the body stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood, helping the body regulate the necessary amount of blood
  • GOOD FOR THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM If you have a poor digestive system and often have diarrhea, vomiting, etc., use dried bananas immediately because the abundant fiber will solve urgent problems related to the digestive system. For every 28g of dried bananas, there are 2.24 grams of fiber, up to 8.96% of the amount of fiber needed for a day. Normally, one day we can eat 100g of bananas, showing up to 32% of the daily fiber requirement. This ensures that the body has enough fiber to make it easier to digest and at the same time, this fiber can also help reduce bad cholesterol in the body to prevent symptoms such as constipation.
  • GOOD FOR HEART ATTACK AND STROKE PEOPLE When the amount of fluid in the body’s cells is out of balance, the potassium content in bananas will control the amount of fluid and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. In addition, dried bananas also contain substances such as: Vitamin B6 and iron, which help blood circulation and make our brain function better. However, when buying dried bananas, you should note that dried bananas will contain additives such as: Salt and sugar, you should not use too much because these additives are not good for the cardiovascular system.
  • HELP STABILIZE BLOOD PRESSURE The amount of potassium in bananas will help stabilize blood pressure fastest and best for people with high blood pressure
  • REDUCE MUSCLE spasms and cramps When you exercise a lot and move in the wrong posture, you often have some cases of muscle cramps and the amount of potassium in dried bananas will improve this for you. Dried bananas contain quite a high level of potassium, which can also help the body regenerate and develop muscles better. At the same time, it also excretes excess salt due to exercise and lactic acid, causing muscle pain. The potassium content in dried bananas is determined to be higher than that of fresh bananas, proving that dried bananas are also very good for muscle development and especially for those who are exercising, this is a very suitable dish every day.
  • IMPROVE EMOTION Dried bananas contain tryptophan, a special amino acid that helps the body produce the sleep-inducing substances serotonin and melatonin and will make you feel mentally relaxed, light and easy to move. deeper into sleep
  • REMOVE ACNE According to research by many experts, dried bananas contain natural antibacterial properties, so they can effectively treat pimples. Just mash a banana and mix it with a little water to apply to the acne area

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