Cuttlefish bone – a precious medicine like gold that many people leave without knowing

Cuttlefish bone, which is often thrown away, is a precious medicine in Eastern medicine. Plum squid is used as a medicine to cure many diseases such as stomach pain, labor cough, vomiting blood, pus discharge from ears, blurred vision, slow growth in children.

Cure gastritis – duodenal ulcer; Women have a lot of vaginal discharge, menorrhagia, menstrual cramps, etc. are some of the few known uses of the popular dish, cuttlefish capsule.

cuttlefish bone

About cuttlefish bone

Squid shell has a flattened oval shape, long, thin edge, thick in the middle. The dorsal surface is white or ivory, with a sclera, with small, detailed nodules. The ventral surface is white, sometimes covered with a thin yellow transparent membrane, with many wavy veins. Light, brittle, easy-to-break medicinal herbs. The cross-section has distinctly small parallelogram-shaped veins, slightly curved dorsally. Slightly salty taste, slightly fishy smell, hissing tongue.

cuttlefish bone

Health benefits of cuttlefish bone

According to modern pharmacological research:

The content of calcium carbonate in medicinal herbs has the effect of neutralizing gastric juice. This helps relieve heartburn, heartburn, nausea and vomiting after eating.

In addition, calcium carbonate also works to reduce irritation in the stomach lining and help restore cells with ulcers.

Cuttlefish bone also has the ability to inhibit anticholinergic to help prevent the production of gastric acid.

The pectin in the squid shell can create a protective film on the ulcer, preventing stomach bleeding. In addition, squid ink powder also has the effect of blood clotting and local hemostasis.

According to Oriental Medicine:

Effects: Eliminates bad breath, heals ulcers, stops bleeding, stabilizes and reduces welding.

Treatment: Blurred vision, amenorrhea, leukoplakia, haemorrhage, purulent ear, stomach ulcer, digestive disorder, duodenal ulcer, gastroesophageal reflux, labor cough, excess sour water.

Medicines to cure diseases from cuttlefish bone

Remedies for gastritis and apple defecation

  • Stomach – duodenal ulcer, too much gastric juice, boys with kidney failure and paralysis, women with dry blood not pregnant: Medium amount of cuttlefish crushed into fine powder, 3g each time mixed with drinking water, 2-3 times a day.
  • Asthma treatment support: 300g squid apricot, washed, baked on the tile for gold, finely dispersed; adults drink 8g each time, divided into 2 times; Children take 2 times a day, 3g each time.
  • Diarrhea: Moderate amount of squid capsule powder, drink with a decoction of pen tower grass.
  • Children with stuffy phlegm: Long-lasting cuttlefish powder taken with rice water, 4g each time.
  • Absence of menstrual period or small amount of menstrual period: 250mg cuttlefish meat, 40g fresh ginger, fried with rice once a day.

Note when using apricot medicinal herbs

Plum squid is a precious medicine with diverse pharmacological properties. However, when using this herbal remedy, you should keep the following information in mind:

Do not use apricot medicinal herbs for people with heat and damaged skin.
Long-term use of the drug can cause constipation. You should discuss with your doctor to be prescribed a laxative, and at the same time you need to eat a lot of green vegetables and add enough 2 liters of water / day.

Using powdered ink apricot has better hemostatic effect than sharp form.

People who are prone to allergies such as rash, measles rash, itching… should not eat squid; People with a lot of heat damage can’t use ink capsules.

In addition, in Vietnam, cuttlefish bone is used to make ginseng dew, creating a very healthy cooling dish

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