A breakthrough invention from rice – Rice straws- A safe, convenient, environmentally friendly product

Nowadays, the environment is heavily polluted due to the accumulation of more and more non-recyclable and difficult-to-decompose waste. Especially, plastic straws play a not small amount.

Therefore, the trend of using green and environmentally friendly products is increasingly supported by consumers. In particular, rice straws are a new product that attracts a lot of attention from users due to its outstanding features such as being edible and completely degradable. So are rice straws friendly and useful?

1. What are rice straws?

On the mass media, youth forums, a series of topics called for the use of rice strawsSo what’s so special about this product and why is it recommended?

Origin of rice straws

Rice straws are straws made from rice starch and tapioca flour mixed with food coloring extracted from natural ingredients such as natural vegetables, tubers, and fruits (white from flour, green from blue). leaves from green tea, black from activated charcoal, yellow from turmeric,…) and so they have many different colors. This is one of the alternatives to plastic straws. Because plastic straws contain chemical components (substances such as BPA, DEHP, phthalates, etc.) prostate, infertility…

Rice straws have the main ingredient of 80% rice flour, the remaining 20% ​​are tapioca starch and food coloring of natural origin. Rice straws are edible because they have been treated for microorganisms and mold. But anyway, they are produced with the main function of drinking water, so using them to eat is certainly not a delicious and attractive dish.

rice straws

Rice straws

Another attractive feature of rice straws is that it can be stored in a normal environment for about 18 months. When used in a water environment with a temperature of 25-30 degrees, it will keep for 30 to 120 minutes. Therefore, many food and beverage stores are gradually switching to using this product in response to the call to protect the environment around the world.

2. Why should people use rice straws?

2.1 Easily decomposed

One of the significant benefits of rice straws is their ease of decomposition. Each straw equals 50 calories. It will decompose on its own in 3 months instead of hundreds of years like normal straws. This is a unique initiative that contributes to reducing the current alarming situation of plastic waste. The special thing about this product is that it is biodegradable after use.

Using rice straws is completely safe for your health. In addition, they are easy to completely decompose into H2O, CO2 and organic humus which is beneficial for plants and soil. It takes only 90 days for rice straws to decompose, so they are especially earth-friendly. This is very important in contributing to environmental protection. If plastic straws take hundreds or even thousands of years to decompose, rice straws are an effective solution to this problem.

2.2 Absolutely safe for consumers’ health

In plastic straws, there are tiny microplastic particles. These particles easily enter the body when used to drink water. And over time, these microplastic particles accumulate into large particles, which will bring pathogens to us. Meanwhile, rice straws are extremely safe, without microplastics, preservatives and harmful chemicals. All are made from natural ingredients that are safe for health.

If you are a smart consumer, gradually replacing “toxic” plastic products is the first step to help you protect yourself. Rice straws are made completely from nature, do not contain toxic substances, absolutely safe for human health. Start simply by switching to using natural straws instead of plastic straws to protect the health of yourself and your loved ones.

2.3 Using rice straws contribute to protect the environment

One of the biggest benefits of rice straws is environmental protection. Why can rice straws protect the environment?

With a one-time use, straws made from rice flour can be stored in the environment for about 18 months and retain its shape in water for about 2 hours. After that, the straw will quickly decompose in the environment. This will be a great alternative to plastic straws. With a “terrible” 500-year age of plastic straws, it is both harmful to the environment and to human health. This is really a breakthrough in environmental protection and health of Vietnamese people.

3. How should we use rice straws to be effective?

The life of the straws under normal environmental conditions is up to 18 months. However, users need to pay attention to storing in a cool, dry place to avoid mold.

When used for normal temperature beverages, the tube can be used up to 2 hours. However, if you use it for hot or cold drinks, you should not leave it for too long because the rice flour will dissolve and cause cracking.

Rice flour straws bring practical benefits to human health and are environmentally friendly. However, they still have a lot of minus points such as high cost, short usage time, causing water degradation, affecting the user experience. However, in my personal opinion, this is considered a remarkable invention and should be responded to by the community in order to join hands to protect the environment and minimize the amount of non-biodegradable waste.

We hope the article has provided you with more information about the uses of pollen!  If you have any questions about benefits and supplier of rice straws, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments below!

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