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100% softwood
Moisture: 6.60% max
Density: 1.2 – 1.4
Caloric: 4000 Kcal
Ash: <0.7% max
Diameter: 8mm max
Length: 10mm – 40mm



    Mixed wood pellets and pine wood pellets
    Wood pellets, or pellets, are commonly made of raw materials such as wood chips, sawdust, shavings, bark, crop straw, and other biomass materials. Due to the benefits wood pellet brings, it is mostly used for burning boilers and for animal bedding. Since there are different types of wood pellets, you should notice which type goes with which use.

    Mixed wood pellets – used for burning boilers.
    Mixed Wood Pellet of our company is compressed from mixed wood type, shipped in bulk, and mainly used for burning boiler in industrial-scale public and private heating.

    Wood pellets have been used as an alternative for burning with the constant rise in prices of oil and fossil fuels since wood pellets are more environmentally – friendly and budget-friendly. Wood pellet is also easy to store and efficient as a source of energy. So, when you use our high-quality wood pellets, you can burn the boiler efficiently, save your money, and cause less harm to the environment.

    Pine wood pellets – used for animal bedding, especially for horse bedding.
    Pine wood pellets provide an excellent alternative to straw or shavings. They are easy to lay, provide great support for your horse, and are quick to muck out. Pine wood pellets are also extremely absorbent and so any liquid waste will be quickly absorbed into the bedding, making it far more hygienic and healthy than straw or shavings.
    Using Pine Pellets is very economical as over time you will need to use less than you would with other bedding materials.

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