Product name: 100% Pure Natural Essential Sacha Inchi Oil
Ingredient: Sacha Inchi Seeds
Purity: 100 % Pure
Grade: Top Grade
MOQ: 50tons
OEM/ODM: Acceptable Customized Label




    Sacha inchi oil

    Sacha Inchi Oil
    Sacha Inchi Oil consists of more than 50 % Omega 3, and consistent amounts of vitamins A and E, which act as natural oxidants. We believe in healthy high tech processing. Therefore the oil is obtained by a unique and innovative cold press mechanism, in order to preserve the natural benefits of the seeds, which ensures a top quality unrefined, without additives and suitable for internal and external use.





    Ingredients :
    100 % pure and organic Sacha Inchi oil. Does not contain artificial fragrance, flavorings or colorants.

    Internal Use
    Sacha Inchi Oil is rich in Alpha Linolenic omega 3 and Linoleic Omega 6. These fatty acids can regulate and reduce cholesterol, play an important role in the generation of nervous tissue (myelinisation), eye tissue and cellular membrane structure.
    Indirectly, both fatty acids are essential to the immune system, the regulation of blood pressure and the generation of platelets.

    External Use:
    The oil’s components (unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins) are widely used in industrial cosmetics. Sacha Inchi Oil restructures,
    fortifies and protects skin, hair and nails, forming a natural barrier against external factors, preventing dehydration.
    Ideal for sensitive, dehydrated, dry even infected or irritated skin, and for dry and damaged hair.
    Vitamin E plays an essential role in skin regeneration and the unsaturated fatt y acids nourish, prevent and treat skin and hair problems.











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