Brand Name: Coconut
Color: Brown
Material: 100% Natural
Type: Dried, have water
Size: 0.5-1.5kg



    Dried coconut finds its paramount application in bestowing a unique aroma and taste to confections. We are dedicated to presenting a collection of semi husked coconuts that not only embodies quality but also offers delectable indulgence. This assortment of coconuts is sought-after for its exceptional quality and an array of advantages, encompassing regulated blood pressure, cardiovascular well-being, skin nourishment, and numerous others. The multifarious applications of this range have led to a surge in demand from our esteemed clientele.


    Dried coconuts as the name suggests, are inherently devoid of moisture. The liquid core of the coconut undergoes a transformative process as it matures, solidifying into what is known as copra or coconut meat. Upon the initial cracking of a coconut, the meat retains approximately 50% moisture and comprises an oil content of about 30-40%.

    Through either the application of heat or exposure to sunlight, the moisture content diminishes significantly to around 4 or 5%, while the oil content undergoes a notable surge to range between 36-70%. The outcome is a dry coconut, characterized by its off-white to white hue and featuring a subdued coconut essence in terms of flavor.


    Health benefits of desiccated coconut

    Bring a healthy heart

    Dried coconut contains a lot of good fiber. Therefore, desiccated coconut will help you supplement fiber to promote and avoid cardiovascular diseases. According to nutritionists, the average daily amount of fiber required for a man’s body is 38g, and for an adult woman is 25g.

    Improve brain function

    In dried coconut there are nutrients that are good for the brain. Especially the process of improving memory, clarity and repelling forgetfulness and forgetfulness diseases.

    Improve immune system

    Dietary fiber plays a very important role in the digestive system of each person. The amount of fiber in dried coconut helps to repel digestive diseases and helps the digestive and metabolic processes in the body take place smoothly. It also helps to increase the body’s immune system.

    Prevent anemia

    Anemia is a very serious disease, it directly affects human health. Anemia usually occurs in adult women. In dried coconut contains a lot of iron to help improve anemia, prevent and prevent anemia.

    Reduce the rate of cancer

    The nutrients in dried coconut have the effect of helping to prevent and reduce cancer cells in the body. Therefore, add desiccated coconut and eat every day to get a good health without disease.

    Avoid digestive disorders

    Digestive disorders are diseases that occur at all ages such as constipation, hemorrhoids, etc. Desiccated coconut is like a panacea to help prevent and improve diseases related to digestive disorders.

    Prevention and prevention of osteoarthritis

    Desiccated coconut can help prevent and improve bone and joint diseases by using desiccated coconut daily. Because in desiccated coconut there are many minerals that help keep the connection between tissues.


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