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Preservation Process: Syrup
Ingredient: Lychees, water, sugar, acid
Acid: 0.20-0.50%
Brix: 14.0-16.0%
Capacity: 20 Oz




Fresh lychees, after being carefully selected and sorted, will be cleaned to remove dirt and fungus. Next, it will be peeled, removing the seed shell, keeping the pulp intact, fresh and delicious. Going through the processing technology, the fruit flesh will be placed in the box and poured with a suitable ratio of soaked sugar solution. It will then be closed to the air post. Finally, pass the pasteurization stage to ensure the shelf life of the product. The product will be incubated for about 2 weeks to check the quality before being distributed to consumers.

Health Benefits of Canned Lychee.


               CANNED LYCHEE


Lychee is rich in dietary fiber to help maintain optimum regularity and a healthy weight. One of this fruit’s most plentiful and unique nutrients is oligonol, which contains a number of valuable antioxidants with the ability to fight flu viruses, improve blood flow, and protect the skin from UV rays. Lychee is loaded with vitamin C.



Other nutritive ingredients in lychee include high levels of B vitamins, such as vitamin B6, as well as potassium (which helps help control heart rate and blood pressure and stave off strokes and heart disease), thiamin, niacin, folate, and copper (which produces red blood cells, maintains healthy bones, prevents thyroid problems, and anemia). All these are vital for maintaining carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolization.

The reason canned lychee is loved

Delicious taste, convenient nutrition: Canned litchi still retains the fresh taste of fresh lychee. You can enjoy litchi all year round, even after the lychee season is over. Not only the cool taste, canned lychee also retains a significant amount of nutrients found in lychee such as protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, …

Long-term preservation: Lychees left in the natural environment usually only keep their freshness for about 3-5 days. Canned fabrics have a much better shelf life. Up to 3 months at room temperature and longer when refrigerated. Quick, convenient and diverse processing of dishes: Fresh lychees will have to go through many stages when processing from preliminary processing to peeling,… And canned fresh lychees help you reduce up to 70% of time and effort. Processing. You just need to open the box, mix the necessary ingredients and enjoy. Or just take them out of the box and process them right away.

Canned fresh lychee dishes are also very diverse. This is a very easy ingredient to prepare.

  • Cloth water
  • Lychee tea
  • Litchi tea with agar

canned lychee

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