Agarwood Bracelet

15 $

Product Name: 2022 Hot Sale Fragrance Wood Bracelet
Material: Fragrance Wood
Color: as picture
Weight: 15g
Packing: 1 pc/opp bag
Delivery Time: About 5-10 days reach you



    Agarwood bracelet

    Agarwood Bracelet

                       Agarwood Bracelet

    Agarwood bracelets are not crafted directly from agarwood, as commonly believed. The manufacturing process of these bracelets is intricate and time-consuming. Agarwood itself originates from a tree in the Agarwood family, which is created through the oil secretion process of the Aquilaria tree. This oil gradually crystallizes over an extended period, forming resinous patches within the wood that emit a pleasing aroma. Frankincense bracelets are then crafted from these pieces of wood, which contain the crystalline oil, allowing wearers to enjoy the distinctive fragrance of agarwood as they adorn themselves with these unique and aromatic accessories.

    Agarwood bracelets

    Meaningful gifts

    Because of the aesthetic evaluation that the agarwood bracelet brings is quite large, this is considered a gift that many people love. In addition, with good health benefits, returning spiritual values, luck, this is worthy of both a valuable gift and a great meaning.

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