Malva nuts are commonly used seeds in the summer with the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying the body. In Vietnam, seeds are commonly grown in the mountainous areas of the Central region, the South and the Central Highlands. So what is the nutritional value of malva nuts? What are the effects of malva nuts?

1. What are malva nuts?

Malva nuts (English name is orangutan seeds) are seeds shaped similar to almonds, about 1 – 2 cm large, and oval in shape. The seeds are yellow brown, have a rough surface, and have ridges. When soaked in water, the seeds expand 8-10 times and have a brown mucus layer

Malva nuts are picked from the orangutan tree. The malva tree is a woody tree with a wide canopy, about 20 – 40m high. The leaves grow together on the top of the branches, the leaves are large, about 20 cm long, about 12 – 15 cm wide. Orangutan flowers grow in clusters and are light brown in color.

Trees over 60 years old only flower and bear fruit once every 4 years. Around July and August every year, the malva fruit ripens, the shell splits into wings so the seeds can fly and land on the ground.

2. Nutritional value

It provide a diverse source of nutrients for the body. When eating  you supplement nutrients such as: starch, fat, calcium, iron, vitamin b1 b2, sugar,…

With these nutritional ingredients, it provide extremely effective heat-clearing, detoxifying, body-regulating, and anti-inflammatory effects.

3. Reveal 10 uses

In addition to being used as a summer cooling drink and purifying the body, malva nuts also have many other medicinal effects including:

3.1 Kidney stone treatment

Malva nuts contain ingredients including bassorin and sterculin that help balance the excretory tract. This limits the accumulation of waste in the kidneys, preventing kidney stones. The nuts are effective in treating kidney stones because they have cooling, purifying and detoxifying properties

3.2 Treatment of spinal stenosis

The natural chemicals in orangutan seeds such as galactose, arabinose and pentose – are natural sugars. These sugars have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects, helping patients end the pain of spondylosis.

3.3 Treat cough and sore throat

Malva nuts are very effective in treating coughs, sore throats, sore throats… Because the seeds contain three types of sugars galactose, pentose, and arabinose that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effects in the oral cavity, and viruses in the throat. , prevent inflammation.

3.4Treat constipation and stomach pain

Malva nuts help clear heat, detoxify, and support the treatment of constipation caused by heat. In addition, seeds also support stomach treatment very well, proven through rigorous experiments. Stomach pain subsides after a few days of use.

3.5 Limit nosebleeds

Young children who often suffer from nosebleeds can use orangutan seeds for treatment. The cause of nosebleeds is because the body is hot inside and cannot eliminate toxins. Orangutan seeds have cooling properties, eliminate toxins, and cool the body.

3.6 Supports the treatment of urinary tract infections

If you are suffering from frequent urination, painful urination, you should use orangutan seeds. Because this type of seed has a diuretic effect, reducing the risk of kidney stones, gallstones… The phenomenon of bladder compression is significantly improved when using seeds.

In addition, orangutan seeds also have many effects in skin care, weight loss, and reducing bone and joint pain extremely effectively. Therefore, the seeds are used as medicine in Eastern and Western medicine.

4. How to prepare malva nuts

  • Malva nuts tea

It is commonly used today to help clear heat and detoxify the body. Malva tea warms the throat and trachea to help protect the throat and prevent diseases related to the respiratory tract. You can use malva nuts, add warm water and filter out the residue, drink during the day.

  • Licorice juice with malva nuts

Licorice has a sweet taste and mild aroma, and is a very good herb in Eastern and Western medicine. Combining licorice and orangutan seeds will bring a cool, mildly fragrant drink. Not only that, this drink can support the treatment of various diseases such as cooling the liver, reducing headaches, heat stroke, etc.

  • Chicken soup with malva nuts

This is an extremely effective dish that supports the treatment of spondylosis. You should use whole stewed evil chicken with orangutan seeds and dong quai. When enjoying, you feel the aroma of chicken meat combined with the delicate taste of orangutan seeds. You can use the dish 2 – 3 times a week to feel the special effects of the dish

5. Notes when using malva nuts

Although orangutan seeds have many health benefits, when using them, you need to pay attention to the following issues to ensure safety.

  • You need to cleanly peel off the outer layer of the orangutan seeds
  • The nuts should be soaked for a moderate amount of time so that the body can easily absorb the nutrients
  • Be careful when using orangutan seeds with pregnant women and young children. You need to consult your doctor to ensure safety when using.
  • If you have a long-standing sore throat, coughing up blood, or a cough that doesn’t go away for a long time, using orangutan seeds for treatment is not very effective.
  • If you feel bloated, indigestion, nausea, or difficulty breathing, you need to stop using and see a doctor.

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