Anyone who slaughters fish scales throws this away, I didn’t expect it to be a nutritious treasure, and it’s delicious to cook

When dissecting fish, most people have the habit of scraping this part without knowing it is a huge store of calcium, extremely good for health. To help readers better understand the use of this fish scales, refer to the article below.

Fish is one of the foods used to make many delicious dishes on the rice tray of each family.

Before cooking, people usually clean the fish, remove the viscera and scale it. However, scraping fish scales is one of the mistakes that few people know.

fish scales

According to research by experts, fish scales are a huge source of vitamins. This part is found to contain nutrients that are good for health. 

In particular, it helps to supplement lecithin – substances that help enhance memory, improve the immune system. Not only that, fish scales also have a high collagen content, which helps to stretch the skin and prevent aging.

Fish scales are very good for health

Another use of fish scales that not many people know is that the calcium content in this part is very large. Adults and children eating fish scales regularly will improve bone and joint function. This is one of the reasons that experts recommend that both the elderly and children use this part.

Because of the nature of fish scales is quite hard, so there are not too many delicious dishes made from this part. Join me in the kitchen to refer to a super delicious fish scale recipe, snack or drink.

Ingredients for fried fish scales

– Fish scales

– Salt

– Cornmeal/cornstarch

– Cooking wine

How to make crispy fish scales

Step 1: Marinate fish scales

Fish scales are washed and then marinated with salt and cooking wine for about 10 minutes.

Step 2: Cover with cornstarch

Coat a layer of cornmeal on the outside of the fish scales to form a thin outer layer of flour. Pay attention, do not add too much flour because it is easy to make the fish scales greasy after frying.

Step 3: Fry fish scales

Put cooking oil in a non-stick pan. Heat the oil and then drop in the cornstarch coated fish scales one by one.

* Good tip: You should add a lot of cooking oil so that when frying all the fish scales, the finished product will be golden, crispy and more beautiful.

Step 4: Done

Remove the fried fish scales to a plate lined with absorbent paper. Enjoy fried fish flakes while still hot.

If you do not eat all of it, you can let the fish scales cool and then put them in a glass container with a tight-fitting lid.

Instructions for taking fish scales quickly and simply

There are many different ways to get fish scales, but to get them quickly and without the most effort, you can refer to the 3 ways below.

1. Use vinegar seasoning

– Apply a thin layer of vinegar on the surface of the fish. Vinegar will help soften the fish scales.

– Put the fish in a plastic bag and then use a spoon to scrape along the fish body to remove all the fish scales in turn.

– Doing it this way both clean the fish scales and ensure that the fish scales are not scattered all over the kitchen.

2. Use carrots

This fish scale method is relatively simple, but not everyone knows it.

– First, you use 1 carrot, wash and cut the bevel in the middle of the stem.

– Use the sharp end of the carrot to rub the surface of the fish scales to remove the scales that are clinging to the body of the fish.

– Using carrots will help the entire scale to be peeled off without hurting the fish skin.

3. Use boiling water

The last way to scale fish quickly is to use boiling water. With this method, you boil about 1 liter of water, depending on the size, you keep the water just enough to cover the fish!

Wait for the water to boil, then you put the fish in the blanching pot for about 3 minutes or you can pour boiling water slowly over the fish body.

This will help soften the fish scales and remove the fishy smell. When the scales are soft, you can use a spoon or knife to scrape them off.

Notes on eating fish scales

– It is recommended to cook the fish scales for as long as possible because the longer cooking time will help them become softer.

– Do not drink tea immediately after eating fish scales. Avoid combining fish scales with garlic, liver, or other foods that are taboo.

– Clean fish scales before processing so as not to affect health.

– Adhere to the principle of “eat slowly, chew thoroughly” for delicious dishes made from fish scales. Eating in a hurry increases your risk of choking.

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