Bamboo basket


Color: natural
Type: Storage Baskets
Material: PLant Fiber
Plant Fiber Type: water hyacinth
Feature: Sustainable
Dimensional tolerance: <±5mm



Bamboo basket is a kind of storage tool designed with just the right size. Traditional products are mainly made from materials available in nature belonging to the bamboo family. For example: Bamboo, cork, rattan, …

Today, people have broken the way and created their own highlight for bamboo baskets with metal or plastic imitation bamboo materials. However, mainly products with natural materials are more popular and contain more meanings in the Vietnamese cultural lifestyle.


Features of bamboo baskets

About size

Currently on the market of handicrafts bamboo baskets are designed with various sizes. Can serve the maximum needs of customers while still ensuring the aesthetic value of the product when used.

From large baskets to small or mini baskets, all are designed very sophisticatedly and beautifully. However, people should determine the purpose, usage needs and number of gifts that they want to put in the basket to choose the right product.

About the style

With the relentless creativity of artisans, rattan baskets always bring a “breakthrough” in designs such as square, round, rectangular with many knitting styles such as latticework, asterisk, and square knit. , knitting, ..

Regardless of the design, the product still retains the simplicity and familiarity with people.

About color

The traditional color tone of the product is wood, milky white or black. Currently, production villages have also applied dyeing technology to the materials used to make baskets. Therefore, their colors are also more diverse, creating a new breeze for the handicraft village.

However, we think that traditional products and ethnic colors should be left in natural colors. This will create a closer, rustic and user-friendly look.

The difference in size and design also leads to the difference in the price of woven bamboo baskets. Especially the units that need to buy in bulk are more interested in the price of bamboo and rattan baskets.

From just a few tens of thousands of people, you have a basket of bamboo as you like. At the rattan basket production facilities, the product price may be cheaper when you buy in bulk from a few dozen to a few hundred pieces or more.


To get quality bamboo and rattan crafts with diverse designs, you must go through the following steps:

  • Step 1:  Choose bamboo materials accordingly.

The type of bamboo selected must be the best, must be the type of bamboo that is not young, not old, grows straight, has high hardness.


  • Step 2:  Preliminary processing of bamboo materials.

For bamboo materials: Chop the body and then dry it again, treat it against termites.

For rattan materials: Rattan is characterized by a lot of sharp spikes around. Therefore, when carrying out the preliminary processing of rattan, it is necessary to be very careful. The outer shell of the spines will be removed and then dried to move to the initial processing stage.

  • Step 3:  Material handling

For bamboo materials: Bamboo is shaved, polished with sandpaper. Then put in the oven, use straw or bamboo leaves to smoke. This stage has the effect of creating color, helping to dry the material, and helping to prevent warping. After smelting, the bamboo will have a western brown or dark brown color. Let the bamboo cool and then straighten it.

  • Step 4:  Split yarn

Bamboo want to be used, they must be chopped and plucked into yarn before they can be knitted.

  • Step 5:  Construction and manufacturing of products

After the knitting is completed, the product, depending on the requirements, will be dipped in glue, painted in color, and covered with a glossy surface. Trim excess seams and joints for the most complete product.

So you already know the process of creating bamboo and rattan crafts, right? It requires skilled workers to be high, to be able to create impressive and quality products. Bamboo and rattan crafts carry a rustic but still modern look.

Applications of bamboo and rattan baskets in life

Bamboo and rattan basket for gifts

Vietnamese people often focus on choosing and decorating gifts because giving gifts on every occasion is a traditional beauty of our nation. It also shows respect for the recipient.

Bamboo and rattan baskets containing confectionery, wine and jam as gifts for family and friends are not only attractive but also new and meaningful.

Bamboo and rattan baskets for utensils and food

In the living room, bedroom, baskets – bamboo and rattan baskets can hold small items or personal belongings to make the living space more neat, convenient for storage and search.

In addition, bamboo baskets can also store spices, fruits and vegetables in the kitchen.

Bamboo and rattan baskets are used to decorate the space

Bamboo and rattan baskets are often displayed at fruit and vegetable stores, or used as a gift set when customers have a need as a gift.

In cafes, water shops, bookstores or souvenir shops, you will also see bamboo and rattan baskets decorating the space more vividly and close to customers

As souvenirs, restaurant decor

This is a quite new and unique idea but still retains the hometown breath, idyllic and close. Rattan and bamboo baskets are gradually appearing in souvenir and decoration stalls of milk tea shops, lemon tea shops, bookstores, etc. It will be a way to help young people better understand the meaning of handicrafts imbued with national identity. 

At the same time, it helps to make the restaurant space lively and unique, like an invisible string that keeps customers coming back to the store many times in the future. Currently, bamboo and rattan baskets for restaurant decoration are being considered as an effective offline marketing solution.

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