Moringa noodles vermicelli


Rice flour, moringa powder
Chewy, tasty like fresh noodle, nutritious
HACCP , food safety
2000 kgs



    Moringa noodles vermicelli is produced from the moringa tree, which contains many essential nutrients and is good for health. With this product, you can freely choose the type of sauce according to the taste of family members so that the whole family has delicious and nutritious meals. 100% natural ingredients, say no to preservatives. Committed to no colorants, no preservatives, no additives.

    Moringa vermicelli is quite a hot food during the time. This is a product made from 100% natural ingredients, very rich in fiber, good for the digestive system, people with diabetes and many essential nutrients and good for health.


    Moringa dry vermicelli is a food with high nutritional value, 100% natural ingredients. The product is suitable for all ages from children to the elderly, used to make dry noodles or water vermicelli, very delicious and nutritious with a characteristic aroma.

    The characteristic taste of moringa leaves plus the bright green color make the taste of the noodles extremely unique and delicious. The aroma plus the toughness of the noodles also make consumers extremely fond of them.

     Nutritional value of Moringa Noodles

    Moringa powder and final finished noodles are applied cold-drying technology to keep the nutrients and vitamins intact, and at the same time make the noodles have stable quality without the need for preservatives .

    Compared to the amount of nutrients that need to be added daily, 100 grams of moringa noodles:

    – Provides 29% of carbohydrates (Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy)

    – 13% Protein (Of course Protein from plants will be better than from animals)

    – 5% of fiber, 8% of iron, 4% of calcium

    – 0% Trans fat (A bad fatty acid)

    – 0% Cholesterol

    The noodles alone add a huge portion. If combined with other foods, it will give a meal that is both diverse, delicious and full of the body’s daily nutritional needs.

    Safe, easy to use:
    – No preservatives
    – No artificial colors
    – No additives

    Characteristics of moringa vermicelli
    Moringa dry vermicelli is made with the main ingredients of rice and moringa starch. Along with that is created by experienced people with traditional know-how. Therefore, the product has the following characteristics:

    Vermicelli has the natural green color of locally grown vegetables, the product has a very unique characteristic of the people.
    The product is committed to being completely natural, without the use of colorants, preservatives, toughening agents or any harmful chemicals.
    When cooked, the fibers are both chewy and soft, with the characteristic flavor of moringa leaves.
    After being put on the market, moringa vermicelli has created its own attraction with many diners as well as consumers across provinces and cities across the country.

    Soak the dried vermicelli in cold water for about 20 minutes, boil the water, drop the soaked vermicelli into the island, turn off the stove for about 5 minutes, check the vermicelli is soft, wash it with filtered water once and use it according to your preferences.

    Health benefits of moringa vermicelli

    Moringa dry vermicelli not only gives you a delicious feeling but also has many health benefits:

    • Reduces cholesterol in the blood, because Moringa contains Beta Sitosterol that helps prevent bad cholesterol.
    • Helps stabilize blood pressure, prevent cancer, fight osteoporosis.
    • There are many amino acids and carotenoid phytonutrients similar to tomatoes and carrots, but many times higher.
    • Anti-K effect, in the composition of moringa vermicelli there are water-soluble extracts, which help prevent and minimize K disease.
    • Food contains a lot of fiber, very cool, so it is a good food for the stomach to digest.
    • In particular, moringa is also a “super food”, “super nutrition” for children’s health and spirit for physical and intellectual development.
    • In addition, the regular use of dried moringa vermicelli also helps you to have a beautiful, smooth white skin, because it contains many antioxidants, the ability to regenerate makes the skin revitalized and becomes youthful. firmer.
    • Not to mention, it also gives you a toned body because the substances in the product have the effect of burning excess fat, belly fat.
    • User manual

      In order for vermicelli to not lose nutrients, you need to cook it properly. Because vegetables are easy to lose nutrients when at high temperature during abundant time. You can process it into many dishes such as soup, vermicelli or stir-fry dishes, mix dishes, eat with hot pot. The processing steps are as follows:

      • Step 1: Soak dry noodles for 4-5 minutes, the longer the better.
      • Step 2: Boil a pot of water, as much water as possible. Then drop the vermicelli into the island gently and then turn down the heat to low, bring to a boil and then turn off the stove.
      • Step 3: Incubate the vermicelli for 1 minute, take out the vermicelli and wash it with clean water 2 times to dry.

    In addition, we also provide vermicelli noodles from vegetables, 100% natural

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