Product: Dried Crab Shell
Original: Vietnam
Style: Dried
Dried Process: Dried under sunshine
Moisture: 12% max
Impurity: < 4%
Size: 8 – 11.5 cm



    Dried Crab Shell

    Crab shell is not only a source of canxi and protein, a good material for animal but also a beautiful stuff for decoration and food stuffed.

    We are an acclaimed entity, functioning as a Supplier and Exporter of a comprehensive range of Dried Crab Shells in Vietnam. We source the Crab Shells from trusted vendors, who process shells in the control condition. Our Dried Crab Shells undergo many steps during processing and afterward are tested for quality. Owing to our vast distribution network, we assure to make smooth and timely.

    1. Making chitin, chitosan
    2. It use in chitin chitosan extracting for cosmetic industry as mask for skin beauty
    3. Decoration with sea style
    4. Use as a plate in restaurant or hotel for seafood meal

    Crab Shell Powder:

    Crab Shell for feed or organic fertilizer, for extracting Chitin and Chitosan.
    It is also used in Chitin and Chitosan extract, and raw material of glucosamine. And, it can be used for organic fertilizer.

    Organic Crab and Lobster Shell meal is an excellent dry organic source of Nitrogen (2%) and Phosphorous (3%), Calcium (23%) and Magnesium (1.33%). Used primarily as a soil amendment, crab shell meal is becoming popular with growers and a potting mix growing medium It will also help with nematode and fungus problems

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