Agarwood incense buds are made from pure agarwood. Agarwood powder will be ground and finely ground. Next, the artisans will use that powder mixed with Litsea glue to form small cone-shaped or lotus bud-shaped blocks.

agarwood incense

Premium Agarwood Incense – Incense from 100% natural, pure agarwood powder, with a deep, passionate scent. Agarwood incense with the natural scent of heaven and earth is not only considered a spiritual connection scent, understanding the three realms.

a/ Agarwood bud incense

Agarwood buds are made from pure agarwood powder and water as well as the glue of the Litsea plant as adhesives. People use hand molds to form bullet-shaped agarwood buds or lotus towers. With modern machinery technology, bud pellets are now pressed by hydraulic presses for much better bud quality.

Agarwood bud incense

b/Agarwood incense

This is the most common type of agarwood incense, the ingredients are also from agarwood powder and the middle core is made from bamboo. Agarwood incense is used in ceremonies and in lighting incense bowls to worship the ancestors of the God of Wealth in every Vietnamese family.

Agarwood incense

c/Agarwood incense ring

The composition of incense sticks is quite similar to that of incense buds, but the powder to make incense sticks needs to be grinded and sifted more carefully, and fine powder quality is needed so that after molding, quality incense sticks will be produced, with high cohesion when rolled. The incense is not broken. Making incense rings will be more laborious and difficult than other types of incense. Usually people make incense sticks that burn for 2 hours, 4 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours.

Agarwood incense ring

d/Incense without agarwood

This type of agarwood incense is the most difficult to make and has the best quality today. It requires advanced techniques and machinery to be able to produce the highest quality and standard batches of incense sticks. Agarwood powder for making toothless incense sticks is of good quality and is ground and screened very carefully to produce the purest and smoothest agarwood powder possible. This type of toothless agarwood incense uses very little Litsea, only about 2%, which is why it gives the standard and special scent of natural agarwood.

Incense without agarwood

Depending on each type of incense, we have different uses in different situations to maximize its effectiveness. As above, there are 4 types of agarwood incense.

Incense buds are used to burn in a censer or to smoke for the purpose of purifying and fragrant the home and workplace. Incense sticks are used on ancestral altars and solemn places such as temples and pagodas for spiritual worship. Agarwood incense sticks are used for steaming rooms, worshiping the God of Wealth, God of Earth, altars, etc. Unscented incense sticks are specifically used to enjoy the fragrance, so they should be used for things like drinking tea, meditating, yoga, saunas, etc. Massage,…

a/Reduce stress and anxiety: The scent of agarwood helps reduce stress and anxiety. When burning agarwood incense, the aroma will help relax the mind and improve mood.

b/Enhances Concentration: Agarwood incense can help enhance your focus and concentration. When burning incense, the aroma will help improve memory and concentration.

c/Treatment of respiratory diseases: In traditional medicine, agarwood is used to treat respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and colds.

d/Cleans the air: The fragrance from agarwood incense also has the ability to clean the air and remove unpleasant odors.

e/Create a relaxing atmosphere: Agarwood incense is also used to create a relaxing atmosphere in living and working spaces.

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