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Tuong mango- one of 50 Vietnamese speciality fruits
Tuesday, March 12, 2019


 Tuong mango- one of 50 Vietnamese speciality fruits


Tuong mango is a famous specialty fruit in Binh Dinh province. Along the Ba mountain  is the tens of hectares Tuong mango. Mango here was planted as a straight line, lush foliage. When ripe mango, people must use shoulder pole and wagon to gather all mangos.

"Tuong" means the elephant, the elephant means big. So “Tuong mango” means big and heavy. A Tuong mango weighs about one pound, blue shell. But in the beginning of September, the  shell switches to orange. A delicious Tuong mango is brilliant colored fruits and stout, emitting fragrance.


There are many Tuong mangoes here so they have low price. When it is ripe mango season, traders focused on distributing and transported them across the country.

In the past, Nguyen king liked eating mangoes every year in the mango season so people had to tribute thousands of mangoes.


Vietnam Record Book Center officially recognized and published from January 8.2012 based on the criteria of Vietnamese specialties values.

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