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How to make chilli powder?
Monday, March 4, 2019

How to make chilli powder?

You love to eat chili with fishy taste but do not know how to do it. Please refer to the following suggestions, you will get a delicious bottle of chili powder and very hygienic.

Ingredients: dried chilli, cumin, black pepper, dried garlic powder

Tools: Bottle sealed, miller



- Remove chilli stems, wipe the dirt and then dried. If you are afraid of too spicy, remove all seeds.

- For all dry chilli in the blender and then pulverized. You should remember mortar tightly closed and wait for the new stop opening to avoid chilli powder shoot out.

- Additives: Want a delicious bottle of chili powder, you take the ratio of 1 part dried garlic powder and black pepper powder, 2 parts are mixed with 20 parts of pure ground chili powder and add a pinch of salt. Please remember to rate because if the hands, the taste of chili powder may be loss of appetite.

- Storage: You should just chili powder mixed into a sealed jar and keep them in cabinets without light. By doing so, you will keep the bottle of chili powder for about 1 year.

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